Top seven snacks all over the world

The world is a mesmerizing place. It is full of diversity and almost everyone everywhere are different from one another. Generally people who live in the same region tend to have similar culture preferences and tastes but nowadays due to globalization and social networking variety has increased manifold. All these varieties has given rise to a very good thing and that is feeding habits of people all over the world are different from one another. When we say feeding habits we mean to say the type of food people prefer are different from region to region. Previously people used to stick to their own food and generally did not experiment too much with food but nowadays due to the immense globalization happening all around the world people are starting to branch out and trying the food from several places in this world. This has caused the mixing of flavors from several regions and has given rise to absolutely amazing new foods which is basically what happens when two cultures come together in harmony.

Snacks are something that all of us love equally. There are very few people who would be able to say no to a plate of delicious snacks. We eat snacks as filler when we are in the middle of two meals but we are hungry. Midnight snacks help students stay awake and it gives them the required energy to trudge on ahead before exams and finish their syllabus. Thai dishes are very popular as snacks. If you wish to get recipes of Thai dishes in your native language then all you have to do is to go online and search Thai dishes in Hindi and you would get enough results. Throughout the world there are several snacks which are very popular and almost everyone loves them. They are:

  • Nachos: This is a widely popular snack and can be made into a lot of things.

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  • Doritos: This is something that is popular worldwide and almost everyone who eats Doritos loves them.

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  • Pudding: This sweet delicacy is available almost everywhere throughout the world.

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  • French fries: These are mighty popular as snacks and also accompanies burgers and steaks very well.

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  • Doughnut: This is an absolutely mouth watering snack which is not too heavy but not too light as well.

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  • Beef jerkey: This is a very popular snack as well.

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  • Muffins: Available throughout the world this is everyone’s favorite. This would not kill your appetite before the next heavy meal but would also not leave you hungry.

These are the top seven snacks and each of these are widely popular in their own accords. Some are more popular in certain regions of the world. If you have ever been to Thailand then you would know that the street food in Thailand is simply the best. The variety of snacks available in Thailand is simply enormous. You can find Thai cooking recipes in Hindi online easily and make your own Thai food maybe with a twist if you wish so.

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