Top eBook formatting blunders even professionals do

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It is not to be argued that eBook business is one of the best business for freelancers and writers to connect with rest of the world. It is a business where authors write eBooks and sell them on the marketplace. Since, it is based on writing, it is quite likely that some general writing mistakes are made. This article focusses on those generic mistakes even professionals do either knowingly OR unintentionally.

Avoiding these generic eBook formatting mistakes can help us to fasten our revenue processes.

EBook formatting blunder 0: Selecting wrong title

It is ultimately a business of readership. The more people wish to read it, the better. Whenever someone wishes to read an eBook, he / she looks at the title first. Whether this eBook is worth buying or not, it is title which decides that.

Scholars say that you must define the title such that it tells everything about the content. I am against it. Do not make content guessable from the title. No one is going to read it if they get complete idea what the eBook is about. Instead, keep it mysterious forcing readers to read to know more.

Also, keep the title more action oriented. Example: Learn these 10 tricks to grow your height.

EBook formatting blunder 1: Incapable introduction

You have written an eBook. Now, you have decided to upload it on the servers. There, you need to write introduction which can help readers identify the eBook and get an idea – this is the kind of book they need.

What if this introduction is not capable of convincing readers about reading your eBooks? Will they buy it? No.

Think of core areas where the eBook content is headed. Write introduction in such a way that it hints to the core areas.

EBook formatting blunder 2: Typing mistakes

This topic does not need detailed explanation. Proofreading multiple times before publishing is always recommended.

Some mistakes are so wonderfully crafted that they go unnoticed.

Some mistakes are are funny. (Did you notice that “are” was used twice?)

Often spelling / grammatical mistakes are made which go unnoticed. These annoys the end user, if beyond certain limit.

EBook formatting blunder 3: No contextual content

Not all content links to the situation. Some anecdotes and illustrations are quoted out of context and this doesn’t help the end user. Do not lengthen the size unnecessarily by putting more content which doesn’t help the end user achieving his requirements.

More common mistakes coming soon. Stay tuned!

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