Top 7 niche in ebook writing I will always recommend

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Ebooks do have highly growing business scope. We all are experts in one field and explain it well. If we are told to go with it, we can somehow get the content and keep it going.

Here, are the articles which will be always recommended

EBook writing – Fiction

Just as the name suggests, these eBooks are fictitious in nature. The incidents and characteristics mentioned are based on mere imagination and need not be comparable to reality.

Here are 7 niche to try in fiction based eBook writing.

1. Horror

2. Unsolvable mystery

3. Solvable mystery

4. Romance

5. Humor

6. Diaries

7. Inspirational stories

While in fiction writing, any niche can work anytime, these 7 are called evergreen niche.

EBook writing – non fiction

Non fiction incidents are based on real life incidents. These are based on themes which are beyond imaginations.

A generic theoretical content is boring and hence a specialized one is recommended. Here are top 7 niche genres which work for non fiction based eBook writing.

1. Scientific

Go with specific applications and write like novels. Example: Dan Brown wrote “Digital Fortress”

2. Mathematical

Instead of writing plain boring mathematical fundamentals, try writing application oriented content. Example: “Best application of Mathematics to solve day to day problems.”

3. Religious discoveries

No one is going to read plain discourses. Try to convert it to mystery. Example: Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote “The lost years of Jesus…”

4. Social problems

These are really enchanting. There are many eBooks focusing on plight of woman in any society OR the status of poverty worldwide. If you plan to choose this niche, it is strongly recommended to brush up your knowledge first.

5. Incidents worth sharing

If you think something great happened with you which you can share with rest of the world, please go ahead and write such eBooks. This niche only includes incidents which happened with you and changed your life. Do not write anything imaginary here as that will be easily caught.

6. Motivation from great personalities

While this is most common topic and an exhausted one, you can use it to your best advantage even today. Just include really successful people in a particular discipline in recent time. Example: Takehiko Harda wrote “Management lessons from Taiichi Ohno…”

7. Past teaching us future

Sounds stupidity. Right? How can past / history predict future for anyone? The trick is that we must revisit our history and see the miracles happening on its own. Example: Lance B Kurke wrote “The wisdom of Alexander the Great”


The list mentioned above is just an indicative and not a comprehensive one. If you find any 8th niche in ebook writing which is better than the 7 mentioned here, feel free to add it and share it with rest of the world including me.

Please tell your opinions & experiences via comments.


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