Top 10 Uses of Leather Journal in Daily Life

The use of leather journals may sound meaningless in this world where technology has completely changed our lives. But the use of it sounds pretty apt for those who believe in “some things are best kept on paper” rather than in any virtual space or cloud. 

So, if you bought a blank leather journal or got it as a gift and wondering for the ways to use then stick till the end and you will definitely find the way you can use it.

The leather journals are used in different ways by many different people. If you are just a normal busy bee then you can use it for your records and if you are poetic and imaginative, you use it completely the other way.

So, go ahead and find the way you can use it in your daily life.

1. In keeping track of your earnings and spending

Keep track of your finances, your income and balance them in your journal and when the tax time is around, pull out your journal.

Though we may find comfort in keeping the record of our finances in our virtual devices there is nothing wrong if you can also keep it on a paper and keep it in the place you find safe.

2. In keeping track of your astrological horoscope and tarot readings

If your inner self is a spiritual one, then both the astrology and tarot may beexcellent tools for you. So, why not keep a record of your horoscope and tarot readings daily, this can help you spot trends and analyze how they relate to what is going on in your life.

3. In keeping a list of story, article or book ideas

Your journal is a free ticket to the world of imagination, the world where you enjoy the freedom of creating characters and worlds.

So, keep your art of thinking and imagination alive by penning down the stories you made or any out-of-the-box ideas you get.

This habit generally relieves the stress of people and keeps them lively.

4. In keeping a fitness journal

Fix up some fitness goals and keep track of your progress in achieving them. Your journal can be your ultimate fitness tracker.

5. In creating a memory

Make use of those blank pages as an album, a leather photo album where you can store all your memories of joy and cheer.

6. In creating a list of household helpful hints

Well, this was a prominent guide for the women since the 18th century, they wrote the lists of household helpful hints just to have them handy to run the home smoothly.

So, if you got any botanical or cleaning tips, recipes for self and not sure about remembering for long then just get it written in your journal and if you may want you can also hand that knowledge down to your heirloom or others.

7. In creating a list of self-nurturing things

What makes you feel complete? Is it a massage with the sweet-scented oils or just a barefoot walk on the grass will do it all?

Just take few minutes out for self and write down the things that you do for yourself. And also, you make a daily check-list of self-nurturing things that ensure you are caring for inner-self too.

8. In writing down what you are grateful for

Sometimes share your happiness by putting your words on a paper, this is a great way to count your blessings and showing gratitude.

Making it a daily habit can help and make you realize how fortunate you are in spite of many shortcomings in life.

9. In writing down your favorite and inspiring quotes

Quotes are the motivation accelerators whenever you need little of it. So, why not get them written down and used whenever life challenges.

Writing them down and having a brief look at them each day can fill heart your with inspiration and keep you ready for tomorrow.

10. In keeping the record of things you learned

Learning is never confined to just schools and colleges, you learn every moment you live, but most of the time we consider and remember only the important things we learned each day.

So, let’s just ink them on paper and realize how and what we discovered throughout our life.

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