Top 10 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in the US

As we all know, motorbike riding is all fun and excitement. It is also associated with many challenges some of which are even life-threatening. While it looks fun and exciting, motorcycling is actually a serious business that needs constant focus, presence of mind and attention to your surroundings. It is also the reason why motorcycle riders are required to wear protective gear. Motorbike accidents are 27 times more likely to be fatal than car accidents.

Here are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. As a rider, you should know these to be able to avoid getting into compromising situations.

Changing Lanes without Checking Blind Spots

This puts the driver at the risk of colliding with other motorists. Before changing lanes, you must be sure that the lane you want to be is clear of incoming vehicles. Always check your rear view mirror and give the appropriate signal before changing lanes.

Car Doors

Accidents can happen when a driver or passenger of a four-wheeled vehicle opens the door as a motorcyclist passes by. It’s a serious accident that can be avoided by properly educating motorists and car users including passengers. The drivers should take charge of this aspect of safety for the protection of other road users.


It is the leading cause of road accidents for all types of vehicles. Speed reduces a drivers’ chances of reacting to situations in order to prevent or avoid a mishap. Speed aggravates impact. Higher speeds will definitely result in more severe consequences.

Driving under the Influence (DUI)

Alcohol or drugs can certainly affect not only your reflexes but your judgment as well. It will expose you to greater risks. You must not drive if you are under the influence. It is your gesture of respect for human lives including your own.

Lane Splitting

In motorist’s terms, lane splitting refers to the act of driving between two lanes. This is not acceptable because it would be dangerous especially to inexperienced drivers.

When driving, you should observe proper traffic rules – even if your motorcycle can force itself into a space between two lanes. Self-discipline is important especially on the road.

Sudden Stops

Following a moving vehicle too closely can result in rear-end accidents if the vehicle being followed stops abruptly. This gives the driver of the motorcycle behind no time to react he would most probably bump into the rear of the vehicle in front. Accidents like this can result in serious injuries or even death to the motorbike rider.

Inexperienced Drivers

New drivers who choose to venture into the streets to test their new skills are likely to make moves that can put the lives of other motorists at risk.

Right of Way Errors

Misjudging the distance you want to cover when making left turns can lead to collisions with other vehicles. Motorcycle riders should take extra caution when making turns because bikes are too easy to take down. It only takes a little bump for a rider to lose balance.

Unsafe Roads

Roads filled with potholes, crumbling pavement and lack of traffic signs can increase a motorbike rider’s likelihood of meeting an accident.

Defective Motorcycles

Motorcycles that are poorly designed or having poor quality components contribute to rider accidents. Whey buying a motorcycle, you must make sure to buy from a trusted brand and a tested model. This helps to make sure that the vehicle part in the probability of accident is eliminated.

Road accidents can happen in certain instances no matter how a driver strives to keep safe. By knowing the common causes of accidents, you should be able to identify what to avoid. You may also improve road safety by using safety enhancing motorbike accessories like custom chopper grips. This will give you better control of your vehicle. Always wear protective gear when taking a ride. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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