Top 10 Animes to watch!

Anime is often defined as cartoons by many people. However, they are more than that, or at least that I have noted. Animes are actually animations voiced in both Japanese and English, though they often have different terms later on.

For those of us English speakers who like to watch these shows in Japanese, we would need subtitles which would effectively name the formatting “subs”. On the other hand, if you didn’t want to read the subtitles but listen to in English, then you would be listening to a “dubbed” copy. Most of the animes in the list that I provide deal with reading subtitles. There is only one show that I can handle listening dubbed as opposed to subbed. (Yes, I have tried it that way too.)

My Top 10 Animes to watch!

10. InuYasha – A modern day girl, named Kagome Higurashi, falls through an ancient well. It proceeds to take her to a feudal era. There she meets some interesting company, one being a half dog demon named InuYasha. To be honest, this is the only show I can watch dubbed.

From left to right Kilala, Sango, Shippo, Kago...

From left to right Kilala, Sango, Shippo, Kagome, Miroku, and InuYasha. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9. Neon Genesis Evangelion – A boy who rarely sees his father, finally gets the chance to see him. But, the conditions aren’t that great. He must build up his mentality to be able to pilot a mecha unit, the Eva.

8. Eureka 7 – Renton Thurston must try his best in order to seek the attention of his long time idol, Holland. However, things are not as they appear to be either for Holland and his gang aboard the Gecko. Yet, they will make due with what to do when the boy comes on board. Especially as Renton is taking care of the meccha named Nirvash.

Renton Thurston

Renton Thurston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7. Yu Yu Hakusho – Yusuke Urameshi is your typical punk. He hates school. However, Yusuke dies at the start. Yet he gains a chance to get his life back as a human, even if it means working as a Spirit Detective.

6. Kannazuki no Miko – This is one of the first animes that I thought had a yuri (female x female) pairing. I also fell in love with this short anime. It does have some meccha in it, but it does not focus on it. Yet, it is very battle orientated.

5. Eyeshield 21 – I started to watch this anime and fell in love with it. On top of that, it helped me to learn more about the terminology based in the American Football game. Soon after becoming a fanatic of this show, I became more in tune to watching my local team play (while I had been in high school) and then proceeding to pick a team in the CFL (which is the league where I live) to root for heavily.

Cover of the First DVD of Eyeshield 21 in Japanese

Cover of the First DVD of Eyeshield 21 in Japanese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Cardfight! Vanguard – For an ongoing series (now on it’s fourth season if I might add), has become one of my favorites in this type of world. If you know about Yu-Gi-Oh, then this follows a similar pattern. But, I do like it much better than YuGiOh. (I caught an episode on TV once and didn’t like it.) Essentially it follows two characters, Kai Toshiki and Sendo Aichi, in many of their adventures. 

3. Prince of Tennis – Echizen Ryoma is a tennis prodigy. Though, most of it comes from the fact that his father, Echizen Nanjiro, is known to be the Samurai.

2. Fruits Basket – If you have ever wanted to watch a show based on the zodiacs, this is the one that I highly recommend. Honda Tohru is just the average girl, even though she was living in a tent. Until she met the Sohmas. The Sohmas, however, are cursed with an animal from the zodiac.

1. Ouran High School Host Club – Quirky, fun and full of chaos. All rolled into six gorgeous males who would be happy to give you as much attention as you would like. Well, withing a certain time that is.

Anime screenshot depicting "Ranka".

Anime screenshot depicting “Ranka”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And, there you have it! My top 10 list of animes to watch!

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