Tools to Keep Pie Dough from Sticking

Even the best pastry chefs have problems with pie dough sticking from time to time. Contrary to popular belief, the recipe is not always to blame. Various conditions can affect the texture and consistency, but a few baking implements and dough preparation tips can make rolling and trimming it a whole lot easier. Do not ditch the recipe that you have used for years, and do not switch to ready-made crusts. Tools to keep pie dough from sticking can make a tremendous difference in how your crust turns out. With good baking tips and the right implements for the job, and you will be pleased with the results.  

Do Not Over-Handle the Crust

The perfect pie crust is light and flaky, but too much handling can ruin the texture and consistency. Over-handled dough ends up tough. Unfortunately, you have keep handling the dough when it sticks to everything. Use the proper tools to keep pie dough from sticking and you will not have to keep rolling it out. A lack of tools creates a vicious circle, and when you have to keep adding flour and/or water, the results will not be good.  

Tools to Keep Pie Dough from Sticking

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Consider a Non-Slip Mat with Measurements   

Sprinkling flour on a cutting board or countertop is not always enough when trying to make perfect pie dough. Adding more flour changes the consistency and texture of the dough, and it is completely unnecessary. It is best to use the right tools to keep pie dough from sticking, and a Silicone Pastry Mat with Measurements by Sili Bake is a great way to start. Ninety percent of 448 buyers cannot be wrong. It has a five-star rating, and for very good reason. The mat is loaded with extremely helpful measurements, and it really works as a non-stick work mat. It does not scoot or bunch up, and it makes the task much quicker and easier.

Keep the Dough Cool to Prevent Sticking

Warm dough will certainly end up sticking to the work surface and the rolling pin. When adding water to the recipe, be sure to add ice to keep it sufficiently cold. Do not take it from the tap. Also, do not place it in the refrigerator. It will crack during the rolling process if it is too cold. You should be able to create a slight dent when lightly pressing it with your index finger, but your finger should not sink in very far. If it does, the dough is far too warm. It would be wise to just start over.

Tools to Keep Pie Dough from Sticking

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Use a Fabric Rolling Pin Cover

Another one of the best tools to keep pie dough from sticking is a fabric rolling pin cover. The dough rolls right off as the rolling pin is rotated and readjusted. Just like other baking implements, they are not all the same. The Norpro Cotton Cloth Nonstick Non-Skid Rolling Pin Covers work exceptionally well. Unlike other fabric covers, the ends of Norpro covers are hemmed. They will not unravel or fall apart, and they come in a pack of two.  They are made in the USA, and they can be washed by hand and air-dried.

Tools to Keep Pie Dough from Sticking Will Help

Practice makes perfect when it comes to making delicious pie crust. Like anything else, it takes time and good techniques. There is no shame in using tools that make the process easier or better. I am willing to use anything that makes my pie crust turn out great.

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