Too Serious Huh? It’s Just Songs

Some may take songs so seriously. Not all songs are telling a story about real life. There’s some songs which a story but not actual events and there’s some that tell a story about real life events. Sometimes we’ll try to analyze songs and that’s a choice of course but there’s a lot of other matters which need to be attended to. Songs will have some very “good points” within the lyrics and there’s some songs which are quite difficult to understand. There’s no need to try and understand every song that’s written. 

Just songs here. Some really take some of the lyrics really serious. Lyrics consist of a bunch of words. Not one liners There is also the chorus. A few words which are in a song isn’t copying the lyrics. Don’t be silly. Some will argue over certain lyrics. There’s a lot of artists who have similar lyrics and there’s no way of getting around the similarities. There are a lot of titles which are the same. There should be no fuss about the songs. 

Just enjoy the music there’s a lot of versions to listen to and why should we get so bent out of shape about a few words? Living is something to focus on. There’s a lot of “soothing lyrics” and the melody can be so mesmerizing. Just sit and listen to some of the music. A time to get into a peaceful zone. There are some who feel analyzing should take place at all times. No. 

There should be some fun going on. Just enjoying the sounds and not trying to figure out if what we’re hearing is real or not. A lot of rappers may rap about real life events. How rough it can be growing up in certain neighborhoods and so on. “Music” is to be enjoyed and there should be no stress when listening to music. There will be times when we’ll want to know what’s the story behind the lyrics but there’s no reason to keep our minds on what the lyrics are saying. Just enjoying what’s on the radio, on television, or online will do. 

Some may get so bent out of shape because they’re trying to figure out what’s the real. No need. It’s better to focus on the positives and not stress out. There’s so many tunes to enjoy. So many genres. Have fun listening to the beats. the drums in the background, and perhaps some dancing will occur. There shouldn’t be any brain attacks by trying to figure out why the artist said what he or she said. “It’s the Music Which “Generates” a lot of the joy.” BY: 

Tanikka Paulk

Article Generated by: 

Tanikka Paulk

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