Tips to tackle Maths Anxiety

Math is a skill that requires a lot of brain power due to which many students find it difficult to understand this subject. Getting a good grip in maths is possible through a lot of practice and understanding the subject, as every subject requires the basic knowledge of mathematics in one or the other way. With all such importance, Maths can be seen as a difficult subject and a subject in which students are generally fearful of.

Anxiety can prove to be an inescapable and a severe problem for many students. It can be of many types, such as being nervous, freezing up when required to do math in any context and even avoiding maths related problems can be a part of anxiety. Overcoming Math anxiety can be really difficult; but with your willpower, you can strengthen your Math skills that will help you lead to the road to success.

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Here are some tips to be followed:

(i) Practice daily: It can be one of the best solutions for anxiety. As practicing the subject daily can give you a better understanding of the subject, resulting in boosting up your confidence. With practice, there will be no more room for nervousness for the subject.

(ii) Focus on understanding one topic before moving to the

next: The subject of mathematics follows the cumulative nature, that is one topic may be related to the other upcoming one. Thus, one must focus attention on understanding the topic rather than just going in a haphazard manner. Such as, you can’t solve questions on Circles without having the knowledge of geometry.

This makes things easier as you will be able to grasp and will be able to comprehend concepts without confusing with additional variables.  

(iii) Get organized and test yourself: You need to keep track of all the concepts taught in the classroom as well as the concepts you studied. Many times you may come across the situation when you need to find out old formulas, theorems, proofs or an easy method of solving a question; thus, an organized structure can be helpful in many ways. Anxiety can also be due to disorganization and may finally lead to chaos. Be aware of what you know and of what you don’t know. Keep practicing the concepts and problems presented in the classroom and in the textbook.

(iv) Take multiple small steps rather than a big step: This is to be kept in mind that if you are anxious about the subject, you may try solving simpler Maths problem rather than advance questions. This will result in boosting your confidence level.

(v) Be optimistic: Remove an erroneous belief that you are not good in the subject of mathematics. Many students consider a strong hope that only mathematics genius can understand the subject, which is absolutely untrue. They fail to realise that how mathematically felicitous they are. For instance, if you spare a little time before preparing for your Algebra or Triangle class, you may find it much easier and more comfortable.

All these tips explained can be a great relief for students in order to tackle their anxiety for the subject of mathematics and also drive them to excel in their examination.

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