Tips to Style Curly Hair

There is a good chance if you have curly hair, you have tried for years to tame it.  Maybe you have straightened it, maybe you have kept it short, maybe you dealt with your long curly hair by keeping it up in ponytails or other styles.  But, you do not have to do this anymore!  Embrace your curls and learn to live with them!  

Years ago, I read a book called “Curly Girl” that talked about how to care for curly hair.  It discussed how many curlies have dry and frizzy hair as shampoo’ing and conditioning dries out the hair and that curly hair needs moisture to behave.  She advocates not using shampoo on your hair and just conditioner and not fully rinsing it out to keep that moisture.  As well, you should not wash your hair daily as that dries it out.  She also advises to avoid any silicone products as they weigh the hair down and cause it to dry out.

While the advice in “Curly Girl” made sense to me, it was not always practical for me.  I had gotten into the habit of washing my hair every other day, moving to twice a week wasn’t an issue for me.  It can be a bit difficult at first if you aren’t used to it, you and your hair will adapt.  Lack of shampoo didn’t work for me either as there were times that I needed shampoo to deal with my hair and scalp properly.  I started using curly hair products like “Re:coil” that had been recommended to me by several people to help keep my curls under control and it was working fairly well.

But then, several months ago I learnt of another product and program to style curly hair.  It is by a company called and is actually based right in Canada!  They had a video on their site where they asked their top stylists how they felt about the “No Poo” (no shampoo) movement for curly people and they said that they did not agree with it.  Yes, maybe they are trying to sell shampoo, but I see their point.  But not using shampoo, you are not really washing your scalp and getting your hair clean.   Conditioner is important but it is to add moisture back to the hair follicle after cleaning it.

Of course, they also have a line of hair products curly hair that are silicone free.  I have started using their “Curl Keeper” which goes on freshly washed hair and it works great.   My curls are nicer (coworkers have commented on the change in my curls) and look better and overall, it makes me happy as well.  I do admit that it a bit on the pricer side and you may prefer to try other products first.  A friend recommends Aveda Be Curly which is in the same price category on Amazon.

7 Curly Hair Tips:

  • Try to avoid silicone products – short term benefits (less frizz) but keeps moisture out
  • Do not wash your hair daily if possible; the natural oils help your curls to develop
  • Read the instructions on any product you use for best results
  • If you put product in your hair wet, leave your hair alone after until it is dry
  • Crunchy hair due to product?  Give it a scrunch to un-crunch it.
  • To add volume to roots, flip head upside down when drying (if using a blowdryer) or you can twist hair and place into clips while it dries naturally.
  • If blowdrying your hair, get a diffuser attachment for your dryer.  It helps to form the curls

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