Tips to prevent Leg Pains

Nowadays, more middle age working people are facing leg pains such as leg chronic problems due to constant walking and standing throughout the day for a prolong period.

As people starts to age, common ailments such as arthritis, warts, crack heels develop quickly while it can be painful as you suffer when you try to walk, climb the stairs and even standing.

Unfortunately, no magic shoes can cure this chronic problems but it can be helpful to look for certain features in selected shoes and solutions to lessen the pain. 

1. Heels-

as you walk, your heel is the first part of your legs to absorb the pressure from your body weight. Purchase a pair of shoes with a comfortable cushioned heel and a strong mid sole to support the center part of your foot. The back of your shoe should be easily for your foot to snuggle in and there ought to be a little space that your finger could fit in.

2. toes –

to avoid your large toe from developing bunion, wear sandals or shoes with open toe cap so that your toes have the freedom to wiggle and the advantages to keep the toes airy in order to reduce sweats in between the toes and to prevent smelly feet problems. Majority of women loved to wear high heel shoes with sharp pointed front point. Avoid 4-5 inch high heels because these shoes will hurt the forefront toes, causing inflammation and could hurt your spine in long term run. Wearing high heels strain the front toes by using down the weight from the body.

3. Ankle-

high tops are great in supporting weak ankles. If they pose any ankle aches problem in the sports activities that you are involved with or slow down your movements, try using an ankle brace to ease the discomfort. Otherwise, skip 2 days from using any activities on the ankles. Let the ankles rest in order to recover the pains. 
4. Kneecaps-

In order to reduce knee cap inflammation, you need to make sure that your feet are stable. Choose your shoes which has a sturdy back lip and more curve shape supporting for knee cap problems.
5. Shin-

Choose shoes that provide good cushioning, curve supporting, a sturdy mid sole and a strong back lip with roomy space for your toes to wiggle. Avoid stiff, tight, heavy shoes which could induce shin pain.


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