Tips to Make Your HVAC System More Efficient and Long-Lasting

Your heating and air conditioning system plays a very important part in the regulation and maintenance of your home temperature. It is imperative that you should give it proper upkeep and maintenance to make it efficient and long-lasting. Proper maintenance of HVAC systems involves a lot of tasks. You should be able to do them to get the best air quality in return. Neglecting these tasks can mean lots of repairs that can translate into unwanted costs. Here are some of the most important things you need to maintain regularly to ensure that your HVAC units will be able to give you an efficient performance that lasts for a long time.


Clean Air Filter


You don’t need to be an expert to be able to clean or replace the air filters of yourHVAC units. Cleaning air filters on a regular basis takes only about a couple of minutes but it can give you a lot of advantages in return. Aside from improving the air quality, clean air filters also work to lower the energy consumption of your units to as much as 15% especially if you clean them on a daily basis.


Dirty air filters don’t just spoil air quality. It also hastens the wear and tear of the unit which can damage your cooling and heating device and shorten its useful life. If your air filters are always clean, you can be assured that the air your entire family is breathing is also clean and free from contaminants that might cause breathing discomforts or allergic reactions. 


Regular Air Filter Replacement


Aside from regular cleaning, you should make it a point to change or replace the air filter of your HVAC system regularly. HVAC systems have different designs and brands, but all of them need clean air filters to be able to perform at their best throughout the year.  Replacing air filters once in every three months is enough to enable the HVAC unit to perform well. Just don’t forget to clean the filters on a daily basis if possible.


To be able to get the right type of filter for your system, you should check the specifications of the filter inside it before buying a replacement. Just follow the installation instructions to get the desired results.


If you want to buy a specific type of filter, here are some that you might want to consider:


  • Fiberglass – this works well but you need to change them more often
  • Pleated – this is highly recommended if you are living in dusty areas
  • HEPA – this also works well especially in filtering allergens like pollens that are in the air
  • Media Air – this is a heavy-duty type of filter. It is durable and made up of multiple layers
  • Activated Carbon – this type works effectively in trapping odors that


Before buying your first replacement filter for your HVAC system, it would be wise to seek the advice of a professional such as the Greely heating and air specialists. An expert can certainly recommend to you the best considering your surroundings and the unit that you own. You may ask him to install the unit this time. For sure you will be able to do it on your own in the future.


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