Safeguarding Your Will

Your last will and testament is a very important document. It is where you let the authorities know what you want to happen to all the things that you have accumulated over your lifetime. It also can cover custody issues if you have dependent children or grandchildren.

Most wills are drafted by an attorney and often they will keep a draft of the document on file in their office. As long as your attorney stays in business there will be a copy of your will and testament in a safe place already. In today’s uncertain world, you cannot be sure that this will happen, however. For that reasons and many others, it is important that you have your copy of the last will and testament stored away in a safe location.

Fireproof box

For many people, the safest place in their home is a fire resistant box. Keep in mind that fire resistant isn’t the same as fire proof. If the box happens to be located directly in the area that is burning, you will find your box filled with ash if you find it at all. With that in mind, you can pay the extra for a fireproof box or place your fire resistant box in a place where it is highly unlikely that it could ever be directly within a fire. 

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If you have a safe in your home, this is the best place to store your last will and testament. Most safes will be fireproof and also safe from theft and any other damage.

If you live in a flood plain or anywhere that may have a risk to your document then the safest way to keep your testament at a safe location away from your home.

Safety deposit box

Most banks offer the option of a safety deposit box. These boxes require that you come in and sign your name and also have one of the box keys to get into the safety deposit box, thus the name safety. There is a small yearly fee to have a safety deposit box but it is well worth it for the security it offers. Usually, these boxes are within a very large and secure vault.

Because of the difficulty of getting into the box, it is important that you have someone else on the card with you. It can be the executor of your last will and testament or it can be a friend or a family member. The last thing that you want is for your estate to be hanging in limbo because no one knows where to find your last will and testament.

Everyone wants their wishes to be known and adhered to. The best way to guarantee that is to have a last will and testament and to make  sure that you are safeguarding your will.



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