Tips on Adapting Awesome Content for Your Own Purposes

Even though original content is the cornerstone of successful content marketing, a lot can be said for content curation as well. In a nutshell, content curation is a process in which you assemble and present highly valuable content on a subject that is of a particular interest to your audience.

Some marketers tend to dismiss it entirely, focusing instead on constantly creating new and exciting content. While this is a commendable approach it is also fundamentally flawed and here is why:

  • You’re often not the only one who has something to say on a particular subject. People know that and look for other information on the Internet. If you manage to present what other people think to your audience they won’t feel the need to go out there and search for it, leaving your page to, perhaps, never come back.
  • You’re also probably not the smartest one to chime in on a particular subject. Understanding that what other people have to say has value too allows you to leverage their work to your advantage.
  • Your area of expertise is narrow but your audience has broad interests. Constantly promoting your brand and products through content becomes tiresome and boring and you need to diversify the type of content you deliver.
  • Creating unique content is expensive. Curated content is not free but you will end up spending a lot less money on it and still ending up with quality, engaging content that your audience will benefit from.
  • Unique and engaging content takes time to create. You will be spending a lot less time and manpower on curated content.

It is important to note that content curation is not content aggregation. Curated content is only valuable if you take the time to adapt it to your own specific needs and add your personal commentary and point of view to it.

Winning Content Curation Tactics

  1. Get influencers to chime in

Set up a theme for a post and ask influencers from your niche to contribute with their opinions. This is a great way of getting valuable content that your readers will appreciate because they feel as if they are getting valuable golden nuggets from people who are at the top of their game.

  1. Ask your audience for input

This is a great way of engaging your audience on a more direct level. For example, if you’re providing web design services you can ask your audience members to contribute the name of their favorite design tool and use it to write an article title ‘Web Design Tools You Have to Try Out’. Provided a commentary on each tool and watch the article get its fair share of mentions and shares, all because you’ve made your audience complicit shareholders in it.

  1. Use other people’s research

There is a ton of valuable information out there that is applicable to your business, regardless of your industry. Keep an eye out for great research that occasionally surfaces and make sure to share it with your audience. You might not have the money or the time to delve deep into some aspects that pertain to your services or products but other people do. Use that and make sure to link to original research and content. It’s common courtesy after all.

  1. Get the most out of your comments section

If you get a lot of comments on your popular posts you might want to check them out regularly (something you should be doing anyway as responding to comments is a great way to build a faithful following). Some of those comments will contain little pearls of wisdom and you can always contact the source to get more valuable info and ask them to co-write something with you.

  1. Harness the power of images

Creating unique images is expensive and difficult, but finding ones that are relevant to your niche is relatively easy. Think of it this way; if you’re selling kitchens and kitchen furniture you can easily put together a collage of some wonderfully designed kitchen and share it with your audience. Better yet, organize a competition! Ask you buyers to photograph the kitchens they’ve bought from you and enter a draw to win something and then use their entries to market your products and make an image-rich post or article.

Content Curation Tools

There is a range of content curation tools out there that will make your life a lot easier. They will save you a bunch of time and help you pick out things that are trending right now. Here is a list of some content creation and curation tools you might want to add to your toolbox.

Trap.It – This is a great little tool that helps you find content that is of interest to you and traps it in folders so you can easily take a look at it later and find things that might be of value. The tool ‘learns’ more as you use it so it will become better at selecting content for you as the time passes.

Curata – Curata is another excellent tool that scans the net and helps you find valuable content that you can use. Simply set it up and it will quietly work in the background providing you with a lot of content to fuel your growing needs.

Scoop.It – A must have for all who are serious about content curation. Scoop.It allows you to find articles and entries that are relevant to you, edit them, and then publish them across multiple channels in one click of a button.

AussieWriter – The problem with curated content is that you can’t just republish without adding some relevant content. If you’re using curated content and you’re overwhelmed with the scope of it, it might be a good idea to hire professional writers that will create excellent content for you and help you shoulder the load.

Quora – If you really want to know what your audience is interested in, it is time to start using Quora. Set up an account and get info when a question pertaining to your industry arises. Or better yet, get notified when a good answer appears and then use it to write a killer post or article.

Post Planner – Use this tool to get the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts. You can set it up so it publishes posts at the time when most of your audience is active and online, maximizing the reach of your content and doubling your marketing efforts.

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