Tips for Planning a Labor Day Wedding

Setting your wedding date is an important consideration when planning your special day. Many couples have discovered getting married on Labor Day weekend is a nice alternative to the traditional May or June wedding. As a result, Labor Day has become a popular wedding date.

The fact that it is a 3-day holiday weekend allows you a chance to successfully gather your family and friends, especially those who live far away, together for your wedding. The weather is generally mild and, by this time, the extreme humidity has usually passed. September finds most days with a summery feel with a touch of coolness, which gives a nice balance.

Pulling plans together for a wedding is a stressful event at any time of the year, but over a holiday weekend there are different kinds of challenges. While there are many benefits to having your wedding on Labor Day weekend, there are a few downsides too. Before you begin planning a Labor Day wedding, it is a good idea to know the pros and cons of choosing this weekend for a wedding.

Here are a few tips to help you plan your wedding as stress-free as possible and to avoid those pitfalls associated with making your Labor Day vows:

Plan Early

Many of your invited guests likely have annual plans which may prevent them from being able to attend, so if you set your wedding day for this weekend, be prepared to receive a few declines. It is helpful to both you and your guests to get your invitations out early to allow people enough time to know you are getting married; this increases the probability more of your family and friends can attend.

Additionally, it is a good idea to speak to your minister or justice of the peace well in advance to see if they are available over the holiday to officiate your wedding as they may have end of the summer vacation plans.  

Choose the Day and Time of Your Ceremony Wisely

If you decide to have your wedding on a Friday night as the Labor Day weekend kicks off, keep in mind many of your guests may have trouble arriving due to holiday weekend traffic. If you want to have an evening event on this holiday weekend, you’re probably better off choosing Saturday or Sunday to get married.

Look for Promotions

 If you are holding your wedding reception in a banquet hall you might be able to negotiate a lower price or receive a specially-priced package because of the holiday time frame you’re planning. Since the “busy season” for weddings is traditionally May-June, September may be considered “off season”, especially on the Labor Day holiday when people go on vacation. In order to increase business, a catering facility may be willing to give you a break on the price in order to secure a booking. A full reception room at a slightly discounted price is better than an empty one.


Hotels book up quickly over holiday weekends and if many of your guests are coming in from out of town you’ll want to reserve a block of rooms so your guests will have an option of a place to stay overnight. Sending out your invitations early also gives your guests ample time to book any flights or other transportation needs they may need. Labor Day can be a costly time of the year to travel and you want to be mindful of this because the earlier plans are booked, better prices can be secured. It is good etiquette to keep your guests needs foremost in your mind when planning a Labor Day weekend wedding due to it being a busy travel season. 

Tips for Planning a Labor Day Wedding

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If you are planning a honeymoon and will need transportation, check with your travel agent as soon as possible or, if you are making the arrangements yourself, book early. Labor Day weekend is not only a busy weekend, it also can be expensive one when booking flights and lodging accommodations, especially if you are choosing a popular beach location which people flock to on Labor Day to close out the summer season. You want to make sure there is availability at an affordable price at your planned destination.

Plan for Weather

September is one of those months where it is still relatively warm, but may also be a little brisk, especially in the evening. Since you’ll likely have to purchase your dress well ahead of time, you’ll want to keep comfort in mind as you explore the many dress designs. Receptions tend to get warm and you don’t want to wear an overly warm dress since Labor Day is usually still a bit warm in many regions. If your wedding is in the evening and it gets chilly, you can coordinate your dress with a shawl of some sort to keep you comfortable.

Planning a Labor Day wedding that will be fabulous is entirely possible as long as you know which drawbacks to avoid. There are many wonderful advantages to getting married on this weekend and there is a good chance the weather will be perfect, which will further enhance your special day.

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