Tips for personalised Sports kit

Customising your own sports kit is gaining vast attention these days. It is incredible how effortlessly you can turn creative and design your own football kit and other sports kit. Thanks to brilliant virtual places such as Zapkam – the UK’s leading manufacturer of personalised sports kit helping you design your own sportswear with its free online 3D Kit Designer – that designing and customising your own sportskit is a smooth and swift process.

Having been swarmed with questions of all kinds about designing personalised sportswear and customising sports kits we decided to jot down a list of tips for personalised sports kit to assist you better. Here it follows.

Tip 1 – Take the Road to Simplicity

Just how a little humor can go a long way, similar is the case with simplicity. A simple, thoughtful idea put to fruition leaves stronger impact than when it’s reversed. On the similar note, simple patterns and style imbue better visual appeal and are more impactful. Make sure, when designing your own sportswear, you keep your logo simple, and align it well with other logos, say your sponsor’s logo. With that, you’ll be good to go.

Tip 2 – Mix and Match

The best part of using an online 3D Kit Designer, like the one at Zapkam, is it gives you a complete picture of how your idea will turn out in reality. You can play with as many number of colours as you wish, try different placements of such colours, pick different patterns and choose different styles until you are fully satisfied with one peculiar style that defines your team the best. What’s more? You can play with different numbers, fabrics, et al.

Tip 3 – Look for Inspiration

It never hurts to seek a little inspiration in what’s already created. Zapkam gives you that benefit by way of its Photo Wall. It is the very place where the customers of Zapkam share their designs or simply the pictures of their sportswear and sports kit on field. It is a brilliant way to catch what’s trending or that what would make a perfect fit for your team. Parents can use it as a mean to find out what’s hitting the cord among kids, or simply as a way to involve kids and have them take a pick.

Tip 4 – Opt for both Functional and Comfortable

With so many options available, it is widely advised to leave some space for modifications. Consider this, a football kit comprises of various elements, such as football socks, football training jackets, and football kit bag. You may be looking for one of the many options currently, say a football training jacket, but chances are quite high of you needing a football socks, say a pair of pink football socks in the future. So, we advise you design your own sportswear taking future, function and comfort into account.

This brings us to the end of the list.

In conclusion, we hope these tips help you in your sportswear designing and customising endeavors.

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