Tips For Getting a Good Fit in Woman’s Lingerie

OpenClips / PixabayWhat woman doesn’t love lingerie? What woman doesn’t dread trying to find underwear that actually fits great? Finding the perfect bra and panties can be very challenging. Fitting women’s lingerie is not for sissies. Not only are there literally dozens of styles and material choices, but sizing is something that is difficult to understand in the best circumstance and nightmarish in the worst. Stores such as Victoria’s Secret specialize in women’s underwear and they have staff trained to help customers find the correct size. It is important that you not concentrate too much on the numbers and remember that fit is everything.

Let’s start at the top with a bra. Bras are sized two ways. The first is the band around the body. Number start as sizes as small as 28 inches, and they go up by 2 inches from there. The largest size at most lingerie stores will be 40 inches. Other retailers will have bras that are much larger than that, so don’t worry if you measure larger than a 40. In order to determine your size, take a tape measure and measure your chest under your armpit and across your chest above your breasts. This is your band size, if it is an odd number like 35, then you need a 36 inch bra.

Then measure at the fullest part of your bust. The difference between these two measurements is your cup size. A one inch difference is an A cup, 2 inch is a B cup, 3 inches is a C cup and 4 inches is a D cup. With these two measurements, you have your bra size. Now all you have to decide is style and material and that is a very important decision.

When it comes to panties, the sizing is not quite so obvious. In the ladies department, the sizes that are usually available are 4-9. These numbers have nothing whatsoever to do with any other type of sizing. Basically, a 4 is extra-small, 5 is a small, 6 is a medium, 7 is a large, 8 is extra-large and 9 is extra extra-large.

In order to know which size you need, you need two measurements: your waist and your hips. A size 4 will fit a 23-24 inch waist, and 33-34 inch hips, a 7 is a 29-30 inch waist and 39-40 inch hips. These are just guidelines to follow since sizing may vary between brands, and not all styles are cut the same. Some material is more forgiving than others.

These are just two basic pieces of women’s underwear, there are many others. It is important when considering size that the underwear feel as good as it looks; and it is also important that it does not show underneath the clothing that you plan to wear it with. No one has to know what size fits you best, it is just a number. What you want is to look good and feel good with what you are wearing. Fitting women’s lingerie is not easy but it is worth the effort.

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