Tips For A Great Best Man Speech

Being the best man is the biggest honor you can recieve at someone’s wedding. As a best man, you are expected to give a wedding speech that will make the crowd laugh and cry at the same time. But, what is the most important thing when making a best man speech? You should know that writing a wedding speech requires a lot of patience, creativitiy and a little ingenuity.
In this article we will give you some tips how to write a great best man speech. If you have also be chosen to be a best man on your friend’s wedding, this article will be very interesting and useful for you, so let’s start.

Write A Wedding Speech In Advance.

It is always recommended to write a wedding speech in advance. This way you won’t be nervous in front of the crowd on the wedding day and you will have time to practice the speech before the wedding.

You should start by writing your thoughts freely. Think about your relationship with the groom and the bride and write it down. How have you met them? How they have met each other? How would you describe each of them? These are some of the things you should write in your wedding speech.

Introduce Yourself.

Although you are a best man, there will be people who don’t know you. You should introduce yourself first and say something about your relationship with the newlyweds. You can also say some joke or some interesting quote about the marriage, in order to get people’s attention.

A wedding speech

Entertaining Speech.

The wedding speech of a best man should contain a lot of humor. But, remember that half the guests usually don’t know the other half, so the speech must be entertaining to all people who are present at the wedding. As a best man, it is recommended to include in your wedding speech one anecdote or reminiscence.

Be Short.

It is important that your wedding speech is not too long. It is recommended to give a speech that lasts no more than 7 minutes. Remember that it is not necessary to cover all details from the newlyweds’ relationship.

Compliment The Bride.

A best man should compliment the bride in his wedding speech. Also, it is very important not to mention previous girlfriends of the groom.

Speak Loudly.

It is important for a best man to speak loudly and slowly. This way people will pay more attention to what you are saying. Also, it is important to make pauses between sections of the speech.

Give Thanks.

Don’t forget to thank all the people for coming to the wedding. Also, thank the hosts and all those who helped with the wedding.

End With A Quote.

You should find a sentimental or funny quote for the end of your wedding speech. As we all know, people usually remember only the last thing they hear.

We hope you have enjoyed this article. With these tips, you will be able to write a best man speech in any time.

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