Tips for Coloring Your Own Hair

For less than ten bucks and an hour of time, you can have a new hair color. Find coloring your own hair intimidating? It’s really a simple procedure. Follow these tips to build your confidence, get great results and save money by coloring your own hair at home.

Color Choices

The hair care aisle is loaded with various coloring kits, which can be overwhelming on your first foray into the aisle. Eliminate some products upfront by sticking with the budget friendly, single process hair colors. Hair products that will straighten hair or for adding highlights are more complicated than a simple color change. Leave the more complicated hair processes to the professionals. Chose a hair color that is within two or three shades of your natural color. If you have long of thick hair, buy two boxes of your color choice to ensure there’s enough to product to completely cover hair.

Do a Strand Test

Don’t get impatient and skip this important step. Use a strand of hair that is just above the ear for this color test, so you can see how the new hair color will look with your complexion.
Check the hair strand color halfway through the recommended processing time. Finish drying the strand with a blow dryer and check the color by placing the hair strand on a white washcloth or towel. This speeds up the time of the strand test and saves you time doing damage control if you are unhappy with the color.

Apply Vaseline to the Hair Line

The hair dye will stain anything it touches, including your skin. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline or baby oil around your hair before applying hair color. Wear an old shirt or place a towel around your shoulders too, drips are minimal, but it’s better safe than sorry. Be sure to wear the plastic gloves which come in the hair color kit and wipe up any spills or drips immediately to prevent the surface from becoming stained.

Don’t Dye on Friday Night

Hair color manufacturer’s offer help to their customers via a toll-free help-line. The number is printed on the box or on the coloring directions insert. That’s great. But they don’t inform you that many of the 800 number help-lines are closed on Friday night and you will not get an answer if you call. Tempting as it may be, don’t dye on Friday night.

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