Do you have a website of your own? Are you worried about making your website popular? Well, then the solution to all these worries is – Search Engine Optimization.

With more than 1 billion websites in the world and over 60 lakh websites in India spread across the Internet and with competition in the market becoming more aggressive, it becomes important for your website to stay ahead of the game and be one of the top links in the search results.

Firstly, it is important to know what Search Engine Optimization actually is.

Search Engine Optimization is a technique whereby you look at increasing the chances of the number of users visiting your website and be amongst the top websites in the search results for a search engine.

With about 80-90% Internet users making use of Google as their preferred search engine, it is important to know how Google works.

Google has a trademarked algorithm called PageRank that depends on the following factors:

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  1. The keywords within a Web page:

Keywords are a crucial component of SEO.  Identifying the keywords and using these keywords in the title, URL and throughout the page content can help you be a part of the top ranked searches.

  1. How long the Web page has existed:

Not all new web pages hang in for a long time, so Google gives priority to websites that have an established history.

  1. The number of other Web pages that link to the page in question:

The number of Web pages that link to your website also plays a major role to check the relevance of the website with the keywords used.

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Well, this is a difficult task. However, do not worry; you will not have to do all of this by yourself. There are numerous companies providing SEO packages to assist you in making your website reach the top of the search results and to make your business grow.

The next thing you might be thinking about is the budget.

Although there may be several organizations that provide SEO services at affordable rates, Affordable SEO packages in India that cater to all of our needs and requirements with quality results are easily available in the market space.

Many packages involve optimizing countless things based on your website. While there are basic packages that include on-page optimization, website audits and SEO compatibility checks, there are other packages like content marketing & link building and video marketing. In addition, these companies may also customize their packages after an initial review and analysis. The pricing, however, differs from company to company.

Therefore, choose your pick after careful research of various companies providing affordable SEO packages in India and multiply the user traffic tenfold on your website. Give your website the popularity it deserves; expand your business and reach the pinnacle of success. Do your research and get your website amongst the top-ranked ones.

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