Things to be aware about breast cancer surgery

Breast cancer could lead to a situation where a malignant tumour has gone on to develop in the cells of your breast. Breasts are incorporated from the supporting or glandular tissues. If you analyse worldwide it does happen to be the most common type of non-skin cancer. In case of women it is 100 times more prone to than men. But in case of the latter the diagnosis is poor as it is least expected in the first place. Here you go on to remove the localized cancer which has not gone on to spread to other areas of the body. The tumour is removed with the surrounding tissue being tried to keep intact as far as possible. Breast cancer does arise to be a couple of types

  • In the site cancer- Here the cancer cells does present itself at the site of origin and it has not gone to spread to other parts of the body
  • Invasive cancer- the cells of cancer does break away from the point of their origin. Here they go on to spread to other parts of the human body.

Till date the tragedy is that the exact cause of breast cancer is not something that all of us are aware. So it is clear that no one can pinpoint the cause of breast cancer. But there are a lot of myths that surround the occurrence of it. Let us now observe some of the common causes of breast cancer to be honest

  • Age- This does work out to be the main point of consideration. The more you happen to age more the chances of breast cancer do happen to occur. Your family history does have a role to play as if someone close in your family is affected by the disorder then the chances of you suffering from the same is also on the higher side.
  • Menopause-If you are a having an early history of menopause then the chances of breast cancer does increase all the more.
  • Radioactive- If you are exposed to radioactive substance then the chances of breast cancer does increase all the more.
  • Harmful chemicals- If you are prone to exposure of any harmful chemicals then the chances of breast cancer do increase all the more.
  • A history of late child bearing could also point to the occurrence of breast cancer as well.

If you observe in the early stage there does not happen to be any major symptom of breast cancer. You might notice a swelling in the armpits. But the first major symptom happens to be a pain or tenderness in your breast. In most of the cases they work out to be painless but most times you are going to find a prickly sensation. Any change in the pattern or colour or pattern of your breast may also point to cancer.

Breast cancer treatment in India is provided in most of the top hospitals of the country. They are quality surgeons on board who do a great job.


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