Things Lenders Check Before Granting a Car Loan

One of the easiest ways to obtain a new car is to work with reputable car loan lenders such as the auto loan services Colorado dealers prefer. If you really want to own a car but you don’t have enough cash to buy one, financing can certainly help you out. The process of applying for a car loan is not at all complicated. All the lender does is look into a few important things to ascertain your creditworthiness before they act on your loan application.


Credit Score


Your credit score is the compilation of your credit history represented by a simple number. It resembles your capacity to repay a loan. It is the most important thing any lender wants to know from a loan applicant. It creates a big influence on their decision whether your application qualifies for approval or not because it can give the lender an idea about your attitude as a borrower. If you have a good credit score, the chances of your loan getting approved are high. If it is low, you might find it rather hard to get an approval.




Income matters because lenders want to make sure of you capability to pay back. If you don’t have a stable income, you might find some difficulty getting approval for your car loan. If you have a stable income, the lenders will also evaluate if your total debt does exceed your earnings. If your income to debt ratio does not pass lender criteria, your loan application will be disapproved. So before you apply for a car loan, you must be sure to have enough cash to pay for your monthly amortization.


 Public Records


Your credit report has a section that reveals information about your public record. In this section, the lender will be able to know if there are any bankruptcies, liens or judgments against you. This information enables a lender to determine if your loan application is worth taking a risk. A record of bankruptcy in the past for example, can give the lender a good reason to decline your application.


Length of Time You’ve Been Using Credit Cards


This will serve as the length of your credit history. This works to allow the lender to determine whether you’re good at using credit or not, and for how long you’ve been using it. A good length of time you’ve entrusted by credit card providers is an indication that you’re good at paying debts. It is certainly a plus on your application.


These are the four most important aspects auto loan lending services such as the auto refinancing Colorado companies look into when you apply for a car loan. If you plan to buy a car with the financial assistance of lenders, you must see to it that these four things are able to give a nice feedback. They are the critical factors that work to determine creditworthiness.


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