There is Nothing to Gain by Trying to Destroy me=Tanikka Paulk

My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m a passionate writer, blogger, advocate. A mother of 5 sons, a visionary, and founder. The journey I’m currently on has been one filled with a lot of adversity. There has and continues to be a lot of bullying, attacking, harassment and threats. On the journey I’ve offered free business promotions but none of what is done seems to be appreciated. “I’m refusing to be a slave for any person and will not accept being mistreated.” By: Tanikka Paulk 

Not in the business to be controlled and refuse to be silent about the injustices which are taking place. Some of the bullying comes from individuals in high positions. Not surprising since the “Bible” tells us that there will be evilness in high places and meaning high positions. There’s political bullying and bullying from the very ones who are suppose to protect and serve. Even some who are suppose to be nurturers are participating in the bullying. 

Many of the individuals work for agencies and even the very school system “I Tanikka Paulk” use to work for has also taken part what appears to be a take down. Bullying from professionals who are suppose to set an example is so disheartening. Some who shouldn’t be in their positions at all. Even coming up against athletes and celebrities. I’m only one person but to have so many come up against me= Tanikka Paulk is absolutely amazing. 

The Bible also speaks about the ones who will forsake. They’ll turn their backs and betray the very ones who they’re suppose t support. Mothers trying to wipe out their daughters. History does show that mothers rarely get along with their daughters. In fact women have a difficult time getting along with one another. There will be war and some choice “words” said. In some families there’s physical fighting. There are many lies told and character assassination taking place. 

There’s abuse of power and so many who wouldn’t appear to be evil have taken on evil characteristics. The battle between good and evil is real. For many the idea of being in power is what is continuing to drive the individuals mad. Some may have the wealth but not the power at least the power the persons may want. Some want it all. Want to be in the spotlight, the glamour, the wealth. They’ll want the power to control others and to treat others as if they’re “worthy of existence.” 

There’s more who have experienced being harassed because of having blessings others want. Some may believe if they harass and bully a person enough then they’ll surrender. They’ll just give up. Some of the individuals who are involved in the bullying are spiritual leaders. They’re suppose to be leading persons to glory and not astray. None of the individuals should be bullying or treating others like trash. It’s so unfortunate that “so many injustices” are taking place. 

So unfortunate that so many are trying to wipe out me=Tanikka Paulk because of their own selfishness. For some the idea of doing so has to do with the corruption and let’s be frank. The corruption didn’t just start. There’s a long history of corruption all over the United States. Being an advocate, my fight will continue, I’m not stopping and they’ll have drag me=Tanikka Paulk  away in order for me=Tanikka Paulk to remain silent. My voice shall not be silent. There is no amount of intimidation in which will cause Tanikka Paulk to be like a mouse. “I’m continuing to stand firm and to take a stand.” By: Tanikka Paulk

My work shall not be destroyed. My name shall not be taken away. No, I Tanikka Paulk won’t allow any person to use me=Tanikka Paulk. When I’ve mentioned changes, one of the changes include not being a doormat, no. I’m nice but push me=Tanikka Paulk too far and all of the justice team will come out. There are supportive individuals who remain silent until their time to be vocal. They’re observing how the ones who are suppose to protect are breaking all the laws. The person who is suppose to be the leader over the entire United States is doing more harm than good. “In time” the individuals will have to answer for what they’re continuing to do. 

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“I’m not Afraid to Walk the Path, I’m not Intimidated by the Evilness Within the World, I’m Still Here for a Reason and I Tanikka Paulk Until the Very end.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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