The Zodiac Taurus

The 2nd sign of the zodiac–Taurus–is known for being stubborn and bullheaded. Nevertheless, they are also honest, generous, patient, hard-working, and reliable. Their rigid way of thinking is usually an asset, especially when reaching for a goal. Once they’ve made up their minds, no one and nothing can deter them from their chosen path.

Taurus Zodiac

Taurus Zodiac
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They are friendly and loyal. Often, they find themselves in the role of confidante. Conflicts are not welcomed in their lives, as they prefer peaceful, risk-free living. They don’t like causing waves or complaining, which makes them a good friend and good employee. Their steadfastness serves them well in their careers, as they keep plugging away until the work is finished.

Taurus Zodiac Traits

Since they don’t like a lot of surprises, especially financial ones, their lives may seem boring to other signs. They tend to their home and finances with a steady hand, preferring secure growth rather than risky behavior. They are persistent and determined, regardless of the task at hand.

Their financial situation is usually good, for a couple of different reasons. They’re ambitious and guard their finances to ensure they always have what they need and want. Taurus is also attracted to the finer things in life, which drives the need for financial independence.

They are skilled craftsman and artists, drawn to life’s pleasures that can be enjoyed with the senses. They enjoy creating and experiencing beautiful art and music; good food; gorgeous furnishings; and fine clothing. Think of beauty in all aspects that can be enjoyed with the senses. Their preference for the good life can also create problems if they overindulge.

Taurus Zodiac Compatibility

As intimate partners, they are thoughtful, caring, and generous. They enjoy giving nice gifts to their spouses, children, and friends. Though they are considerate of others’ feelings, they don’t often change their opinion once they’ve reached a decision. They expect loyalty, honesty, and love from their partners.

They are very patient, and their anger is slow to spark. Their astrological symbol of the bull can best be seen when they are pushed too hard or for too long. After their long-lasting patience wears out, they can explode. They also hold grudges, unless the other person makes an honest apology or offers a logical remedy to resolve the problem.

Their most compatible zodiac signs include Cancer, Virgo, and Leo. They can also do well with another Taurus. Their opposite is Scorpio.

As parents, they don’t make a lot of demands on their kids, but they do expect the same strong work ethic and honesty. They are generous with their time, love, and money. They relish home life and work hard to preserve this life treasure.

Taurus is born between April 20 and May 20. Their birthstone is the emerald. Alternate birthstones include diamond, sapphire and garnet agate.

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