The Wedding Ringer – How Much Can You Trade For An ‘I Do’?

            Kevin Hart – Jimmy Callahan

            Josh Gad – Doug Harris

            Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting – Gretchen Palmer

            Affion Crockett – Reggie / Drysdale

            Jorge Garcia – Lurch / Garvey

            Dan Gill – Bronstein / Dickerson

            Corey Holcomb – Otis / Alzado

            Colin Kane – Fitzgibbons / Plunkett

            Alan Ritchson – Kip / Carew

            Aaron Takahashi – Endo / Rambis

Doug Harris, a thriving lawyer in Los Angeles is getting married to attractive, white woman Gretchen. Without having actual real friends, Doug is trying to cover up from her and Edmundo, their wedding planner, that he has no groomsmen to accompany her seven bridesmaids.

Being nice, sensitive and respectable, he’s been uncomfortable about making friends ever since. Edmundo suggested him to consider hiring a best man; Jimmy Callahan. He can carry out every occasion. He can handle bachelor parties and conduct the much anticipated toast. He’s taught to leave after the wedding as he has no relation to the groom at all.


A scene from The Wedding Ringer (image credit:

Jimmy arranged a set of funny and eccentric personalities to dish up as old friends on Doug’s part; the heavy weight Garvey, the Beefcake, the mischievous chinky eyed Rambis, the Redneck, plus the stuttering made it even more hilarious. They have this charm that is actually bared more than you’d think it is. As they act as Doug’s buddies, the outline of the story is stuffed with humorous strange elements. Even so, the obligation to the trick just for this stranger to be contented is especially satisfying.

Having an identical base with previous wedding comedy films I’ve watched before, it’s astonishing that The Wedding Ringer is vaguely pretty good.  I don’t expect it. Jimmy Callahan and Doug Harris such a nice blend that cheers up the scheme: a familiar mix of gross Bromance but with much fun along the sporadic bursts. The swapping of lines between Jimmy and Doug were very silly; specifically when they crashed on someone’s wedding to rehearse their pretension for the big day.

Obviously, though, there’s a confrontation that these couples have to address: What if Gretchen discovers that these groomsmen are all made-up? What will happen when they become too comfortable with each other in breach of their agreement? The ending is a slack combination of a feel-good to being bland.

For me, the highlight of this movie is the dance sequence. It’s an exceptional showmanship from Josh Gad and Kevin Hart. I enjoyed that I’ve seen Kevin Hart holding down in acting. Despite some despicable wit, there were some cunning hoaxes inserted between laugh – out – loud fuss.

Someone who’s having difficulty to associate with people; these questions you should ask yourself many times, “Does anyone notice me? Do I linger in someone’s mind? Do I make an impact on somebody’s life?” From that viewpoint, that someone who makes you feel better, who tries to push you farther than your limits, who appreciates what you do, who knows your flaws and willing to accept it, The Wedding Ringer is a hit that most of the people who had watched will agree.

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