The war of the Mind

The mind is very powerful but when it’s exposed to damaging and corrupted environments any mind can break down. Imagine individuals being exposed to violence everyday. Their mindset will be altered by the violence. They too become violent. Unless there’s a decision to “change the mindset.” A mind interacting with destruction with become destructive. No logical thinking will take place. Killing sprees and drive by shootings don’t occur off of logical thinking. The actions occur off of reacting. 

Allowing the mind to be deceived and believe there should be some acts of revenge. Some are facing losing their minds completely by not allowing the mind to “process positivity.” When there’s negativity day in and day out and no escape then the mind sill become consumed with irrational thinking. That’s why so many experts encourage meditation. Even the mind has to rest. Living in violent neighborhoods can cause some to become so destructive they’ll become one of the biggest problems for society.

There should be more resources for the ones who have to endure being exposed to violent situations. Some may not want to escape but for the ones who do there should be some help. The help will lower the violence within society. Before a violent act is committed. There is a thought but some can not control their impulse and are in need of some assistance. No one is able to get to every person who are at risk to commit violent acts but there should at least be some attempts to get to some.

The mind is so precious and so many are exposed to situations which puts their minds at risk. Losing or having a destructive mind can occur when living in high risk neighborhoods. Neighborhood hoods riddled with street violent, drug use, and other criminal activity. So many “minds” are under control by the thoughts of no escape, no hope, no one cares. There so many who could care less about what occurs in low income neighborhoods and neighborhoods riddled with violence. 

Not everyone can control their thoughts easily and for some they’ll have to be medicated. No one is more violent but through long periods of exposure to violent situations some will become. For some they’ve considered of an expression and the acts are a cry for help. If there’s no intervention then the behaviors escalate and society is left with dealing with violent criminals and fear. 

Just because some are considered violent doesn’t mean they’re lacking compassion. If the mind is filled with angry thoughts which are continuous then anyone can step from being completely in control to out of control. Not being far from insanity. One situation can cause a person to become insane. Thoughts why it’s important to engage in positive activities and “be surrounded by positive people.” Having positive influences in their lives such as mentors are spiritual leaders can improve the line of thinking and produce hopefulness. 

It’s so unfortunate to hear so many losing their lives to violence. Of course the law can’t reach everyone but perhaps “placing more effort” as well as compassion in society will help lower some of the criminal activities. Attempts should at least be made. The excessive exposure to seeing individuals dying to violence up close can alter the mind. Especially if the mind is already vulnerable. A lot of youth are exposed to gun violence on a daily basis and end up in the juvenile system of in the grave because of the environments. It’s important to reach some of these neighborhoods or at least some groups of people. 

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