The Top Data Cleansing Companies in the World for Effective Scrubbing of Data

Data cleansing or data scrubbing is a process with the help of which corrupt and inaccurate record sets can be efficiently removed from a database. The act of cleansing of data can be efficiently performed with the assistance of batch processing through scripting. It can also be executed with the help of data wrangling tools. In the realm of the corporate world, data plays a useful role in ensuring that the organization can evaluate its success and failures. Data also plays a pivotal role in making sure that sales leads are in compact form so that the customers and stakeholders can be effectively targeted. The critical issues related to data can be efficiently corrected with the help of the data cleansing tools employed by data cleansing companies.

The Reasons to Sanitize Data

With the help of data cleansing tools, there would be a reduction in cost, and you do not have to waste money contacting people who are not there. On the other hand, with the help of increased response rates, an organization would get the same return with less mail by emphasizing on the correct forms of data. Furthermore, data cleansing enables an organization to protect its brand value. Corrupt data can cast a negative perception on the minds of the stakeholders and customers. However, with the effective use of data cleansing tools, all these negative perceptions can be effectively thwarted. It would also help an organization to eliminate wasteful mailings to its customers and stakeholders.

The Top Data Cleansing Companies in the World

In the realm of today’s internet marketing, the information related to the customer is always changing. Business organizations can achieve a host of advantages by data cleansing tools. It can help them to lower their operational costs and would also assist them in emphasizing profits. However, the process of employing data cleansing tools is not that easy, and this is the reason that your organization needs expert advice on that. The companies operating in the current market domain assists other organizations to scrub data effectively. This further helps an organization to lay stress on multi-channel customer data. The act of data cleansing also improves the decision-making process. Here is the list of top data cleansing companies in the world.     

  1. Cognitiv+

This data cleansing firm facilitates regulatory and legal analytics to various companies operating in the domain of law. It also enables the organizations to comprehend and cat on the compliance obligations by the proper usage of artificial intelligence. The system of Cognitiv+ scrolls through a variety of legislation lines and helps in the phenomenon of appropriate data mining. In this process, it also structures sets of a meaningful form of data. If you are a law firm and you require targeted information based on the content of the company, then Cognitiv+ should be your viable choice. This organization employs data cleansing tools in such a manner that the essential bits of information are segregated from the rest.

  1. Datanyze

A lot of people out there would associate Datanyze with a data cleansing company. It is true, but it is also known as a sales prospecting platform which would provide you with marketing and sales professionals with the correct and structured form of data. This structured form of data is highly useful to keep a tab on your customers who are using your competitor’s site. Hence, it is evident that Datanyze plays a pivotal role in optimizing customer retention, targeting and lead generation. It is also a leading CRM data enrichment organization. It is associated with providing you with information on 35M Companies so that you can always have a competitive edge.

  1. One Model, Inc.

The One Model Inc. is a privately owned company in the United States which came to the fore in the year 2014. It is also known as an enterprise data platform that expertly mines data related to the Human Resources platform. It is that kind of a data cleansing company that can undertake cleansing, modeling, extracting data. The One Model, Inc. is also a unique company as it can deliver analytics from your organization’s workforce data. The primary focus of the company in executing data cleansing tools is to ensure that how data should be positioned within an organization. It can also make use of artificial intelligence and application integration to provide you with the correct form of data.

  1. LeadSpace

LeadSpace is also known as a SaaS or Software as a Service lead generation company. It is located in the USA and was founded in the year 2002. It is a privately owned company and has various products related to effective mining and cleansing of data. It is that kind of an organization which is quite popular among the inside sales teams. The products of the company find leads in the contact databases, social media and customer relationship management system. This company has a very unique approach to the process of executing data cleansing. It can also be used by the marketing teams so that it can create targeted lists. Moreover, the leads gathered through the marketing programs can also be refined by using the products of this company. Hence, it is quite evident that it caters adequately to the needs of those companies who operate on the SaaS platform.


ANALYTIQED is a privately owned company that has built a business analytics platform which can cater to the varied needs of other organizations. The platform of ANALYTIQED is a unique one as it is capable of working across the spectrum of data analytics, data visualization, and data cleansing. It is that kind of a data cleaning company which is targeted specifically for the functions of customer profitability and sourcing.  

The list as mentioned earlier of companies is operating successfully in the present market. Each company has its working process and mechanism. This is the reason that you have to first identify your requirement before contacting them.

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