The Thoughts of the Declines of Humanity

Just sitting back and thinking about how much rebuilding needs to occur concerning humanity. There’s a lot to say about humanity. I’m afraid not too much positives presently. When we’ve come in contact with a lot of difficult and lack of compassion people. We tend to think that there’s a small precentage of good people. Just thinking about how destructive human beings are can produce a migraine. 

Observing the decline can be quite unsettling. It’s necessary to find a positive escape. Limiting time with toxicity. Humanity does seem to have lost its way. No more of the cheerful greetings. Plenty of the mean pointing fingers communications. Some prefer to dine alone, engage in activities alone, and just unwind alone because of the negatives that surround mankind. Too much toxins. 

It’s nice to be able to escape to a nice resort. Perhaps a mini vacation. Taking a break from some of the insanities that can invade our space. Sometimes just watching the way some interact is quite irtitating. Not having much positive things to say. There’s certainly a lot of desire to be in control. So therefore a lot of people will display erratic behavior because there’s an agenda. The whole brainwashing like Hitler seems to be on the rise. 

The need to be first. So many end up being extremely stressed out because of the negatives that spill out from mankinds thoughts. Hate is at the top of the social issues problem. There’s a lot to deal with when it comes to human contact. That’s why so many prefer soending time with their pets. Being sheltered because of not wanting to deal with the pressures within society. What are the reasons so many are on the attack? Well, perhaps not being satisfied with life, or just feeling inadequate. 

Whatever the reasons are. Humanity isn’t demonstrating a whole lot of pleasant interactions. The news can show “the people” just how far gone humanity is. Look at all the social issues that need to be addressed. The world can use more compassion not a whole bunch of misinformed critics. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to just listen to the birds chirping and having minimum human contact. 

Finding some calmness can help alleviate the thoughts of a declining within society. Sometimes it just can be helped to think about how much suffering surrounded by the human race. The whole wolves searching for their prey occurs everyday. Just trying to complete simple tasks can be difficult when dealing with some people. Sometimes we simply need to take a step back. Humanity. Where has it gone? 

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