The Significance of IPC Certification to Manufacturers of Electronic Products

Electronics is an integral part of other major industries such as automotive, industrial, aerospace, telecommunications and medical equipment and home appliance manufacturing manufacturing. That said, it is imperative for manufacturers of electronic part to obtain an IPC certification to be able to produce quality products that are acceptable in a huge but quality conscious market.  


IPC or Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits is the most popular certifying body for product quality standards in electronics manufacturing. Although it has been renamed to Association Connecting Electronics Industries, its principles, values and goals remain unchanged, the most important of which is to standardize the production and quality requirements of electronic products and assemblies. There lots of quality organizations that aim to promote quality but IPC is the most respected name when it comes to electronic products manufacturing. Here are some of the reasons:


1. IPC is the originator of the most accepted practices in the electronics manufacturing industry.


The majority of electronics manufacturers in the world embraces and implements IPC as a benchmark of quality. Many establishments and institutions in the electronics industry acknowledge IPC as the yardstick in measuring product quality.


2. It helps manufacturers earn a place in the market.


IPC is a respected certifying body for quality in the electronics industry. A certified manufacturer is sure to get the respect and confidence of its customer because people in the industry know very well that IPC standards denote reliability. This can help the manufacturer to earn a better place in the market, better revenues and an enhanced reputation.


3. IPC promotes cost control and increased savings.


With its established standards of quality in the supply chain and the manufacturing process, IPC reduces wastes of materials, cost of production and energy consumption. A company that implements high standards of quality right from the acquisition of raw materials down to the finishing stages of the production or assembly process can certainly expect lesser reworks, vendor returns and product rejects. All of these are unwanted costs that can lead to losses, and these can be avoided through the implementation of stringent standards of quality.


Getting an IPC certification involves a process, a will and a commitment. One of its most important goals is product quality standardization. A company that aims to obtain it must see to it that its employees who are involved in the production process must go through an IPC specialist certification training. A certified company must see to it that its processes comply with the organization’s standards of quality. An IPC certified company can surely earn the respect and regard of the stakeholders in the electronics industry.


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