The Role Of Hats in Sun Protection

Hats For Style and Sun Protection

When we are young, we feel invincible. We may know that our skin will be damaged by the sun’s rays but a tan is so attractive that we push that knowledge into the background. Skin damage can’t happen to us, we will never get skin cancer or wrinkles. By the time we have reached our mid thirties, most of us are seeing some results from our youthful folly. Hats and sun protection are two things that everyone needs to consider to protect your skin from damage that may lead to skin cancer.

This is one of the cases where our ancestors were much smarter than we are. They thought that a tan was unattractive and they placed a lot of value on having creamy white skin. Every effort was made to protect their skin with a parasol, gloves and of course a stylish hat. It has only been in the last 40 years or so that the hat has gone the way of the dinosaur. Anyone who grew up in the fifties knows that it just wasn’t possible to go to church without a hat and looking back to the days of Camelot in the White House, you never saw Jackie without a stylish chapeau.

Today we know that while hats are still a great fashion statement, they are more importantly one of the accessories that can help us to protect our skin from the sun. Great hats are making it back onto the runway and more importantly onto the beaches and the gardens, especially during the summertime when the sun’s rays cab be especially damaging. In the winter, unless you are spending a great deal of time outdoors, you are not as likely to have to worry about wearing a hat to protect yourself.

Hats are important for both men and woman to wear. As you get older, it isn’t just the skin on your face that is vulnerable to the rays of the sun. As your hair gets thinner, and this can happen to women as well as men, the scalp is also susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays. It is certainly possible to get a bad sunburn on the top of your head or along your part line. A hat, will help to protect you from this very painful burn.

Lots of new hats are available that can protect you from UV rays and offer SPF protection. There are also hats that are made for children and of course men. If you want a hat that travels well, there are crushable hats that can be folded into a suitcase or purse and carried with you wherever you go. The Skin Cancer Foundation has always recommended covering up with clothing, including a broad-brimmed hat 

No matter where you going or what you are doing, if you are going to be outdoors, you should be protecting your skin with a hat and it should be a fashionable one. For fashionable hats at a discounted price there are many stores where you can find lots of choices, think Kohls, Marshalls, Target and K-Mart as well as Walmart and TJ Maxx. Be smart, be fashionable but most of all be safe.

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