The power of silence


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Silence is a source of great strength. – Lao Tzu

Life is a raucous race.  It leaves us little time for silence.

Silence, like the Chinese writer and philosopher said, is a source of great strength. It has incredible health and social benefits, which is solid reason for us to make time for it.

The health benefits of silence

Taking time to calm down may help you more than you realize. Silence has many untold health benefits.

If batteries go flat, so does the human body. Everyone needs time to recharge. Silence does this more effectively than sleep. This aside, being in a state of complete calm and silence helps the body fight off nasty pathogens.

A silent half hour also reduces stress and blood pressure. It keeps plaque from forming in the arteries, lessening the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Being silent brings great happiness. Total quiet boosts brain chemistry and allows you to focus better on your activities. You look younger and have more energy.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of silence is being able to reconnect with yourself. You become more aware of yourself as a human being. Besides, resisting the impulse to speak teaches you self-control.

The social benefits of silence

Being  silent will benefit you socially as well. A week of silence will make you more conscious of your surroundings. You also begin to focus on your internal environment and will become aware of problems with your digestive health or heart.

It also allows others to appreciate you. Many people worry about not being able to hold conversations. At times, lapsing into a comfortable silence will invite others to become silent as well.  It also allows you to listen fully to their concerns.

It gives a clear view into the hearts of others. If you spend time listening quietly to people instead of speaking, you will gain insights into their characters. You will learn more about yourself, and find out that much of what you say is unnecessary.

The right time for silence

Naturally, there is a time for being silent and a time for speaking. Self-awareness, and empathy lead you to making the right decision.

Stay silent when you have nothing to say. Silence does not necessarily mean that an interaction has gone wrong. You and the other party may simply need time to regroup.

Silence is important when determining a proper reaction to events. A case in point is when someone says something that may annoy you. Instead of reacting immediately, stay silent for a time so that you can come up with a good response to the situation. Some words are better left unsaid.

The time to speak comes when we want to share our feelings. It is not healthy to let emotions fester. Bring these feelings to the other party’s attention gently instead.

Do not stay silent when you have to express an important opinion. Deliver it truthfully and diplomatically.

Make time for silence, and draw on its extraordinary power.

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