The Official Guide To Being a Grocery Store Jerk

[stextbox id=”Pink”]Please note: I hope that no one will use this guide as a way to be a grocery store jerk.

If you do anything in this guide, you are the very definition of a grocery store jerk. [/stextbox]


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You Leave Your Cart Wherever You Feel Like It

We’ve all been there at one time or another. You spot a great empty parking space, you circle around to get it, and then you see… IT IS FILLED WITH CARTS! This is a classic grocery store jerk move because it isn’t like they make you walk all the way back to the store to turn your cart in. They have areas throughout the parking lot where you can put your cart. 

You Forgot How To Read Today

Did you just not see that 10 items or less sign? The whole point of that lane is to make it easier/faster for people who are running into the store to grab one or two things real quick. Have you ever had to rush to the store to buy one or two things you need? Maybe something for your child? Learn to count!

When You Need To Go Get One Thing

If you forget to get something, that is your fault. You are not entitled to hold your place in line. Get out of line, finish shopping, and go to the end of the line. There’s no reason why everyone else should have to wait because you don’t know how to make a shopping list. 


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When You Wait To Dig Through Your Purse

This might be the biggest pet peeve of mine personally. You are standing in line, you know you are going to get to the register eventually, you have to pay when you get there. GET IN YOUR PURSE AND FIND YOUR FREAKING MONEY! Why do you need to wait until you are at the register and make everyone wait an unnecessary additional amount of time because you forgot you’d need your wallet when you get to the front of the line? Seriously!

Naturally, you always have those general rude and crude people who are just unpleasant to everyone and anyone. I don’t really consider people like that to be a grocery store jerk. I just consider them to be a jerk in general. There’s a difference between being a horrible person and being a horrible person while you are shopping. 

How Can We Fix This Problem?

Who knows, maybe we need to have some classes on grocery store ethics? Just try to think about someone other than yourself and you won’t have these problems. 


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