The Not So Joyful Experience of a Casted Foot

 It is a common thing that people get injuries, no matter where they are. Home, work or out participating in recreational activities.

Most common injuries are noted to be cuts and scrapes. The required first aid is rather simple to deal with. All you have to do is ensure that the wound is clean, whether that means a simple rinse of water, or using hydrogen peroxide to help with antibacterial cleansing. There are also ointments and salves out there as well. With that out of the way, you may then proceed to applying a bandage.

English: Medical adhesive bandage

English: Medical adhesive bandage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Other injuries may require medical assistance. Such as when a cut is so deep, you will require stitches.

Or, if you sprain or break bones. In that case, you may be subjected to having a tensor bandage or sling at the bare minimum for sprains and the workings of cast on for broken bones.

I, unfortunately, have a broken bone in my foot. That landed me to needing a cast. I have the joys of having it on for a minimum of one week.

Yes, that last sentence was suppose to be 100% sarcasm. On my first day of having this cast on, it definitely takes some getting use to, that’s for sure. But, it is also a big pain.

In at least two ways this injury is able to annoy me.

English: sticking plaster Français : Pansement...

English: sticking plaster Français : Pansement adhésif (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first way is that it restricts the way I have to deal with my hygiene. I have an oldish bathtub, made of plaster, at my house that also doubles as my shower. I can’t use either one. Instead, it is sponge bathing for me. As I am no stranger to having an injured foot, I hate this method of cleansing.

The second way is that it means I have to go a lot slower than normal. Lately, I have been sleeping on my couch, which is a rough twenty steps away from the nearest bathroom.

Normally, I can get there in about a minute or less. With my foot in the cast now and essentially hurts after every step, I like to think that it takes me forever to get there, but I know I am exaggerating quite a bit. However, I do know that it takes me a good two to three minutes to take those twenty steps.

The only bright side of being casted like this means that I get to have two days off of work from my full time job. Though, that is also a downside. I was suppose to work everyday this week, which would have made a nice paycheck. But, I need the days off too to keep up with my own sanity too.


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