The Negatives Should not Create a Detour

Try doing something great and find the toxins come rolling in. Do something positive and find that others what like the positives. Excel and they’ll come trying to rain on a person’s parade. No matter how many negatives we encounter. We should continue moving. Don’t allow anyone dictate what we should or shouldn’t do. Dreams can not occur if we’re focused on what others have to say or do. Trying to get ahead is difficult but not impossible. There’s hope when there’s attempts. 

In some cases we’ll have to disconnect from the ones who are constantly negative. As soon as someone takes a step forward thye’re coming out to try and make sure others take a step back. Montoring their every move to make sure that they’re making minimum progress. Everything isn’t s it seems. We simply have to distance ourselves from the toxicity. Refusing to be bothered with nonsense. 

If we’re not focusing on “movement” then we’ll be taking steps back. Although there will be a lot of resistance. The resistance doesn’t mean that achievements can not occur. There will always be critics and noise makers. They live to create havoc but they’re also motivation at times. We can do better when we remove the ones who have no reason to be in our circle. It doesn’t matter if it’s relatives or friends. The ones who are suppose to be supportive may be the most negative. 

Placing some distance may be necessary. We don’t have to address every Negative Nancy but we should stay clear of others posions. Not allow what others want us to do hinder us. The us means people in general. Anyone trying to live a dream is apart of us. We will come across a lot of resistance. So therefore the ones who are filled with negativity will at some point beg us to stop. 

Most likely they’re the ones who are unable to compete. Too many people view success as having a lot of money but there’s so many levels of success. We can be certain that progress is being made with every action. What others try to do will be null and void because of the “determination.” The hecklers will continue to heckle that’s what they do. That’s  their job. Not sure about the pay but they work hard. 

It’s funny though because they’re so in tuned with causing havoc that they miss out on a lot of things because they’re unable to see everything going on. “Chuckles.”  So the noise can go on and if one is extremely determined to make progress then progress will occur. Always remember that the ones who are trying to pull down are behind and it doesn’t atter if they have more wealth or not. Still behind. Channel negativity out by finding the positives and “keep going.” 

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