The Makings of a Beautiful Photograph

Every work of art including photographs conveys a certain message and meaning. But since beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, each person has a different reaction even if they are made to see the same picture.


A good photograph can make a person smile or get emotional. It tells a story, captures one’s emotion and makes one turn back the hands of time through a visual inspiration. The subject matter of an image does not matter. Whether it portrays happiness or sorrow, an excellent portrait is always a product of superb technical execution.  


Here are the elements that are essential in the making of a beautiful photograph.




The world of art is a complex one, and rules may not always apply. But in photography, following classic techniques has always been effective. Take the rule of thirds as an example. By breaking the image into three symmetrical sections, you can create an extra appeal. It makes the background tell something more about the subject.




Photographs are static images of events and scenes. It should be able to relate a story that even people who viewed it for the first time can perceive. This is an aspect that news and photo journalists make emphasis on with their photographs. But any photographer regardless of skill level must be able to inject this aspect in the images they capture. A still picture that is able to relate a story is a legacy you can pass on to future generations.




Photographs that garner sighs and other reactions from viewers indicate its ability to elicit emotion. This is one aspect of photography that photographers in advertising and marketing are trying to master.


Visual Appeal


This is an aspect that shows the creative talent of a photographer or photojournalist. Like the photographer Colorado Springs event organizers prefer, a person that sees the beauty in anything is able to capture it in still images creates not just a photograph but a sight to behold.




Photographs that preserve precious moments make great mementos. Some of these moments last for just a second or two, but when they are captured in stills, they are preserved forever. It’s always good to look back in time and see frozen memories.


The moment you kiss your bride, the very instant your son or daughter walks for the first time, or the moment you receive your first and maybe your only college diploma are all fleeting. These are moments that you will surely treasure for life. You should have them captured in still photographs. They are chronicles of genuine emotion that you should preserve through the generations.


These are the some of the most important elements of a beautiful photograph. Whether you are a professional or an amateur in photography, you should consider these aspects when taking stills. All photographs carry their own story, but a beautiful one never fails to make you stop for a moment – to relive days gone by and re-experience genuine feelings that lasted for just a moment.


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