The Level of Creativity Defined

In the field of politics, Barack Obama revolutionized the way that a political campaign can be run, and won, by tapping into the invaluable resources of the common people. He did not create the innovative technologies of Twitter or Face- book, but he used them in a new way. He created a more unified version of democracy, although most people didn’t even equate that with being creative, at all, just clever.

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The Cofan Survival Fund has empowered individuals to take control of their lands and their borders by creating a community of trust, loyalty, and awareness of the issues that affect that specific culture. This is far from the traditional idea of what creativity is, but it drives that culture and that area of the world forward, protecting the environment and maintaining a precious way of life that was at risk of disappearing.

Ferran Adria and his unbelievably experimental methods of cooking at elBulli have changed the way that thousands of people look at how food can be prepared. Cooking is something that affects every single person on the planet, and by crossing cultural boundaries and engaging technology within the culture of culinary creation, he has expanded the minds of chefs throughout the world. Although you may never eat at his restaurant or even experience a gastronomic meal, you can appreciate that his drive to push the boundaries has certainly evolved what people think of as possible.

Science, which is traditionally antithetical to creativity, has been driven forward by the needs of others. Again, there was no new technology created, or innovative scientific methods put into place, but the billboards in Peru utilized known technology in new and unexpected ways to can save lives and improve the quality of life for thousands, if not millions of people in the future. The environment is a new area for creativity, as the natural world has often been overlooked or forgotten about in terms of innovation or the move towards modernity.

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However, as the impact of human life on the planet grows, trendsetters like the designers at Lot-Ek have inspired a new generation to look towards up-cycling and sustainability as major theories in the architectural field and the way that the physical infrastructure of the world is developed. Individual educators may have their own ways of teaching their students, but once many people leave the classrooms of their universities or high schools, education unfortunately ends. Duo Lingo has helped to motivate more people to continue their education in new languages, a benefit for thousands of people in this new, globalized world, while also sharing that intelligence and education with millions through the translation of the internet.

That level of creativity is like dropping a pebble into a lake; there is no telling how far the ripples will spread. Learn more about the level of creativity only at the University Canada West, one of the best universities in Canada.

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