The Hidden Ones in Plain Sight

Imagine a group of people being so quiet and no one really taking notice of who the individuals are. It’s possible that some could be looking right at the individuals and not no who the group of people really are. Hiding in plain sight. Observing and learning more about how some connect and disconnect. Trying to figure out what “missions” will take place in the future. Never who’s being “observant.” When we think others aren’t watching that’s when they’re watching. 

To be able to gain more knowledge is something we all should be doing. Learning is a gift and it’s unfortunate when others aren’t interested in learning. We should learn something new everyday and that’s what a lot of groups are doing. The question some may have is, “Who are the Groups of People?” Well they’re not saying and others aren’t saying. Some aren’t saying because they have no idea who’s really watching. Of course there’s more than one person observing what takes place. 

There’s not only a lot to learn but a lot to be investigated. There’s a whole not of unsolved events but why? That’s a mysterious question. Some may not be concerned with “solving puzzles” or mysteries but there’s some who dedicate their lives doing so. There’s some people are intrigued with finding out more about certain events. Puzzles exist for a reason and there’s always someone trying to put the pieces together. Of course there will be some who aren’t thrilled with wanting to find out more. 

We never know what will be revealed so the hidden ones could possibly be interested in observing how much some are able to find out. Even the most skilled individuals will miss some data. Imagine others finding out more than the experts. I’m sure the experts wouldn’t be pleased but some may also be intrigued to see if others can put more pieces together. If there’s “organizations” who meet privately then there’s groups of people watching from an transparent space.

There’s plenty of organizations who would rather keep their communications private and with all of the risks of information being leaked out. Perhaps being quiet about their whereabouts is wise. Let’s not be surprised here. Even the KKK meets privately. They’re not out in the open. there will be groups of people communicating about issues which should be kept out of the public eye. In time they’ll probably reveal “some information” and if not then perhaps it’s no one’s business. 

Everyone is being monitored in some way. Some more than others. For some they’re being monitored 24/7. Not one sound goes unheard. Imagine That! Some information has to be kept private. Some information can land in the wrong hands and a drastic situation can occur. So that’s why some organizations choose to keep what’s going on behind closed doors private but there’s always some trying to find out what’s really going on. Some isn’t meant for everyone to know. 

Author’s Notes: First Time Viewing This Video but There’s a lot of the Information Tupac Communicated Here is Going on Today. “Hmm!” By: Tanikka Paulk

There Will be Videos and Interviews to Come. Some Videos are Edited but not Sure if this particular video is edited or not. 

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