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The Harlow McGaw Media Group, is a young vibrant community of revenue share sites…with a difference. If you’re considering writing on revenue share sites, then read on, this group has to be worth checking out. ID-10015801

The reasons most of us become internet writers are many and varied, with one exception. We all hope to earn money. Young English students, who want to earn while they learn. Retired people from all walks of life, professional writers, school teachers, shop workers and truck drivers, looking to supplement a part-time income or pension. Those physically disabled, where fitting into an outside working environment is impossible. How much we earn, depends on how good we are, what we know, and how much time and effort we’re prepared to invest.

Are You Considering Internet Writing?

Are you considering internet writing for the first time? If the answer is yes, then hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll be a bit closer to taking the plunge.

Many of us took a very round-about internet journey, before finding our interest lay in writing. Click-work, website analysis, website testing, there are so many different areas of the internet where it’s possible to earn without needing a degree in programming or web design.

Getting Started is Always the Hard Part:

No matter which area we start in, it can be a very fraught experience. Are we doing it right? Is it a scam? Will we get paid? Writing online is no different. Whether for content-mills; content marketing, copy writing, or SEO articles, it’s one step at a time. One article submitted. Wait for acceptance. Then wait to see if payment arrives in your PayPal account, before attempting a second piece.

One Big Learning Curve:

Many of us started our internet writing career when somewhat passed our ‘best before’ date. No computers when we were at school. We had to get by using things called pens and paper. Our first computers were word processors (mine was an Amstrad), and then desktop personal computers came along. I could find my way round the email package; write a letter in Word, layout stock sheets, profit and loss sheets, and accounts pages in Excel. Everything I needed to automate my business accounts. Internet, social media and social networking, what were they? Nobody had heard of them in those days, they were a thing of the future.

Whether you consider yourself a good writer or a new writer, to build up decent earnings writing for revenue share sites takes two things. Decent content, providing articles people want to read. And having a good knowledge of how social media works, to increase your following. What are tags and hashtags, and how should you use them? How do you optimise your posts for search engines?

Enter the Harlow McGaw Media Group:ID-100121468

The Harlow McGaw Media Group helps you do all these things. Started by two entrepreneurial ladies by the names of Danielle McGaw and Michelle Harlow, their first site, Writedge, is just two years old. Its younger sister, Daily Two Cents, just a year.

Like so many others, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs on different writing sites. Lost content from sites closing, missed payments, no contact save the odd automated email. These two ladies have many years experience of internet writing, blogging, site building, and yes, the same sort of problems.

No Anonymous Corporation Behind these Sites:

 It was watching other writers being treated with the same callous indifference, which prompted the move into building their own revenue share sites. Sites which they were determined, would involve those who chose to write on them. In the Harlow McGaw group you are not just a writer, you are considered part of the team.

They realise that without our efforts, they would earn nothing. They provide the box, we fill it. The better the box’s content, the more it’s worth, the more they earn, and the more we earn. To this end, to help us improve our content, and increase our knowledge of social networking, they provide a comprehensive learning centre. Reviews of online applications to help improve your writing skills and presentation, are also included.

 Add to that a blog, forum, and very active Facebook page, and the answer to any query is just a click away. If you still can’t find it, then an email sent will get you a reply within 24 hours, usually a lot quicker. Yes, a real reply, from a real person.

Total transparency is what they promise, and total transparency is what we get. As with all new sites there are teething problems, sometimes expensive ones if you are funding the sites out of your own pockets. Writedge and Daily Two Cents were no different, and adjustments had to be made. Clarity and transparency were the names of the games. We writers were kept informed every step of the way, involved in the solution which included a democratic vote, and adjustments made. No missed payments here, or lame excuses abID-100121471out volumes of spammers and scammers. Every writer can follow their earnings total, and payment is made monthly for those hitting threshold.

Since those not so far away early days, the group now has nine separate revenue share writing sites. The first two I mentioned, continue to accept a large range of  topics, while the others (a few still in beta testing), are specific sites.

Now You Can Put Your Eggs in Different Baskets:

Whenever you read an article about internet writing for a living, sooner or later will come, ‘don’t put all your eggs into one basket’. Now, with the new revenue share sites already up and running, and those coming online in the future, you can spread your income. Each site is a stand-alone entity with its own earning stream.

We all have our separate interests, niches if you will. For some it is general interest, world news, weird news, anything internet, or celebrities. For others crafting, gaming, or compiling lists may be what they enjoy and are good at. 

Everything Revenue Share – and More:

Everything you have read about earning on revenue share sites is here. While the bigger sites, Writedge and Daily Two Cents, pay-per-view, you can add your own affiliate links, and keep 100% of your earnings. Links to higher authority websites, your personal blog, or previous articles are allowed, depending on word count.

The joining process is simple. Normally, your first three posts will go for review before posting. Provided there are no problems, you can start self publishing. If you do encounter problems, the post isn’t just returned without explanation, the problem will be pointed out for you to review. It keeps site content high – and helps you learn.ID-100121475

Finally – The Downside:

Come on, there’s always one. Don’t expect to sign up tomorrow, and be a millionaire by next week. It won’t happen. Until you have an internet presence built up from years of writing activity, or your own well established niche blog, earnings are going to be pin money. This isn’t just the Harlow McGaw Group, but across all revenue share sites you can find. And I’ve found a lot during my searching.

Next month will see my first year writing on Writedge, and a small amount on Daily Two Cents. Prior to that I read many (bad) reviews about other sites, and spent time writing on some. Do your own research, you will find many don’t give you any idea of what you might earn. Many expect you to earn from product sales. While with others it is in the lap of the gods if you even get paid.

I can only Tell You What I Know:

Whether considering internet writing as a new venture. Wanting to increase traffic to your own blog. Improve your online presence. Or just to practise your writing and internet marketing skills, there’s no better place to do it than with Harlow McGaw Media. Enjoy the experience and hey, give me a nod when your first article goes up.

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