The Guest Blogging Is Still Welcomed In SEO Industry

When Matt Cutt wrote the post the “Decay and the fall of guest blogging for the SEO”, it raised questions and doubts. And that overwhelming fear of guest post still persists in some business owner’s mind.

 Now, has the guest post is dead or is it far from dead. Well, the answer cannot be objective because it requires a subjective look at the whole guest blogging idea and its implication in the SEO strategy.

Demystifying the rumor:

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The fear factor is that if you indulge in guest blogging, then you are likely to get penalized by Google, but what about the current scenario? Carry out a Google search and you are going to get a number of articles and data that promotes companies to hire guest posting services. Now, the story is completely different from the general perception.

So, what about the Matt Cutt’s famous blog post; perhaps, the infamous post! Was he simply deceived or was he saying something that people did not comprehend? Well, he does not seem to be a imprecise human. In fact, he wanted to convey that the guest posting has been abused by the black-hat and spammy marketers for long. That was supposed to be his central idea.

The guest blogging has been a practice to get backlinks and in the event, the marketers have compromised with the quality of the content. Yes, that is exactly what he meant to convey. The long story short; the guest blogging still makes sense if done rightly; otherwise, you might witness fatal consequences.

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Getting the guest post right:

The strategy plays a big role here while choosing guest post as part of your SEO plan. First, you need to keep in mind that the content that you are linking should be of high quality. Too abstract and irrelevant content should be avoided.  The content should help the reader and add value. A guest post aiming to generate link is not a great idea because Google is too smart to be deceived.

 The guest post should be of the highest quality. The post should have the capability to spur intelligence, provoke thoughts and instigate communication. Actually, it should be a perfect piece of content written by someone who possesses impeccable knowledge on the topic, superlative writing and narrative skills.

And that needs you to hire guest posting services that can provide you with top class bloggers, fiction, nonfiction and copywriters who can formulate the content perfectly. If your blog post is capable of attracting minds, then you are more likely to win the game and the links will follow.

There are few tips and tricks that you need to use like linking the guest post to other authoritative sites apart from your website. You should also consider giving the appropriate number of links in the post depending on the length of the article or the post. Of course, it is a great way to connect with other niche and improve the discoverability of your business and this could also mean to earn more shares, likes, and sales too.

When all said is done; you need to hire guest posting services so that you avoid the risk of going wrong because this is a sensitive matter. In fact, things can work against you if you happen to do it unskillfully.

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