The Games, the Tricks, and all the Schemes

Imagine doing the work and others trying to take claim. What to do? Well, fight for the work, the vision, and all of the ideas which are created by the “discoverer.” Never allow anyone to steal the vision ever. The game will be played and there will be all sorts of tricks. The tricks and the scheming only occur because they’re having difficulties taking claim. The proof is what keeps the work with the creator. Whether it’s My work or my work or if the work was produced by you.

As long as the information is here. there, just about everywhere then there’s no denying. So all the games in the games in the world won’t mean a thing. It’s about what is and not what others are saying or trying to do. It’s so unfortunate when others try to take away what belongs to a person but these things happen. They tried to take away Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Noble Peace Prize away. Go figure. Amazing isn’t it?

That’s when one knows their work means something. If they’re going through every piece there’s interest. It would be nice if others utilized their own talent. Just try. All of the scheming means nothing because a “determined person” will keep going anyway. The competition can become very aggressive but no matter how aggressive they’ll become. Push on. Put in a little more work and see how it goes. They’ll keep their eyes on others prizes. That’s right!

Who’s work is it anyway. Well it’s me, my, My. YOU and you. Etc. etc. etc. The work belongs to Tanikka Paulk. Of course she’s always fighting to keep her work. They want it. It’s quite obvious. if a person has to fight and fight for their gifts then they’re gifts are recognized and appreciated no matter how much chaos takes place. 

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The visionary must keep going even when the hecklers won’t stop heckling. Not fair but hey life is complicated anyway. No successful person stopped quite obvious shows through their success. So many view success as having wealth but no. “Success comes in many forms.” Trickery occurs when they’re trying to convince others they’re not successful. Don’t need a phat bank account to prove the success. Anyway if a vision and ideas are on point the money will come and they’ll be wondering how. 

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So fight on. Everyone is entitled to put their vision forth. Stop trying to claim work which belongs to others “People.” Shouldn’t everyone try? Pretty annoying to have to constantly fight for the work and vision. Some are so determined and oh my goodness. They’ll try just about anything to try and trick a person sometimes just pretending not to have a clue what’s going on will allow some progression to take place. 

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