The Full Armor of God and Prayer are the Only Defense Against the Attacks

There will be many attacks and especially for the ones who are called. The attacks may come from here and there. There will be lots of enemies who will continue to use their tactics to come up against the anointed. In order to defend there must be a decision to wear the “Full Armor of God.” The Armor will help protect from the evil forces which try to stop a purpose or tries to destroy an individual or individuals. The best way to overcome the attacks is to wear the armor at all times and to “pray.” 

Remember the Book of Job spoke about how Job could be attacked by Satan but Satan was not allowed to kill Job. Through the battles there will be many who desire to take the place of another in order to gain. Some are using one of the 7 deadly sins which is greed. Some may not even recognize why they’re coming up against certain individuals. When coming into the world mankind became corrupt and full of sin. They’re behavior may cause destruction. Even the ones wearing clothe will fall into sinful nature. 

The Satan’s goals are to kill, destroy, and to try and defeat God the Creator of Mankind. There is no way Satan can defeat God. God created Satan of course when God Created Satan His plan was to keep His top Angel but because of Satan’s disobedience God declared that Satan live in hell. There are many who will be filled with the same thoughts as Satan. Wanting to destroy others in order to gain some form of power or to gain money. That’s why the Bible speaks about the “For the Love of Money Being the Root to all Evil.”

The attacks may be difficult to deal with but not impossible “to conquer.” God and Jesus Christ never forsakes and are the ones to seek refuge. Evildoers will not win. They’re actions aren’t considered to be Godly. If they’re constantly on the attack then they’re not working for God the Father of Jesus Christ. Some may believe if they destroy others then they’ll be victorious. Not so. They’re actions aren’t going unnoticed. God sees and sits high and low and will do what He said He will do. 

Each person will reap whether good or bad. God promises there will be a time of reaping. So when they’re coming up against God’s Children. They’re setting up themselves. The ones who believe that evil acts are a way to “be prosperous” are fooling themselves. Yes, there will be attacks from all sorts of areas, some may come from the ones who declare to be Christians. No matter how many attacks arrive. Do not be despaired. God is always on His job. 

Some may not believe in the power of prayer and will continue to use the worldly tactics instead of seeking God’s word. The word of God isn’t falsehood. Man’s world may be false but God’s Biblical Word is not. “The Armor is so important to keep on.” Wake up with the armor. The ones who are on attack will keep on going until God intervenes. Prayer will help keep individuals sane. The first attack which Satan uses is to attack the mind. “Think of Being Blessed in Every Attack. God Knows.” BY: 

Tanikka Paulk

Author’s Notes: Any person who thinks they’re God the Creator of Mankind is Insane. No man or woman can be God. There is a lot of information about the Full Armor of God. Any Believer or Christian should be familiar with the Armor. We’re living in the times where many attacks will arise.

Tanikka Paulk

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