The Focus and the Concentration on Greater is Better

There is no time to be focused on the areas which can add no value. Can offer no elevation. There should be a desire to progress to be more developed. Some may not “consider the importance of growth. ” The ones who try to hinder growth aren’t adding any benefits which can offer a stable society. The more we grow the better others can become. There are some in positions to assist so the ones who are trying to hinder should consider the positions. Instead of trying to create a decrease. There should be thoughts of increasing and establishing a stronger economical system. 

Focusing on rising up is something no person should feel bad about doing. No person should feel guilty about wanting to elevate. “Elevations” are necessary and there are so many ways to do so. Although trying to elevate may not be easy for most. There are ways to surpass the obstacles which will be there or placed in one’s  way. To get better and achieve more is a wonderful feeling. To be able to help in someway and set a path for a brighter future is a blessing. 

Some may not agree with a person’s path and that’s why some may want to disconnect the pathway. Perhaps not too many are considering the future the long haul. To have ability” to expand” and to connect with the right individuals so that more success is incurred is a positive. It’s unfortunate when so many turn what is positive in to negative but the individual or individuals can quickly turn the negatives back into positives. 

There is as lot to discover and some aren’t allowing “the growth” to occur due to their own insecurities. Although there will be some who will try to put roadblocks along the pathway. The seeker should continue seeking. There should be continuous action to gain, to assist, to be apart of better living. Some aren’t thinking on the lines of prosperity. Thinking some are living selfishly when what some are doing is opening doors for others. 

There are so many who may not appreciate what’s being done but the ones achieving shouldn’t stop. The determination to reach new heights can help a person stay on the path which can offer greater. The greatness will come along with continuing “to grow, learn, obtain.” What does the obtaining mean? Simply means to allow advancement to occur. Doors may continue to open when the focus is there. The distractions will surely arise but no person has to pay attention to the distractions. 

There is so much a person can accomplish if allowed to do so. Yes, it’s quite unsettling when there are so many individuals who are more in tuned with trying to cause disconnections which can help so many. Certainly can use more assistance within this troubling society. If the economy is stabilized then we’ll continue to see a breakdown within” humanity.” There will be more and more moody and unstable people. 

Of course we’re unable to control what some will do but we should continue to concentrate on the areas which will continue to” offer prosperity.” There are a lot misguided people who think that pushing other down will help the individuals in someway. If every person assisted in someway then we’ll all be better off. There is no doubt that there’s a lot of people who are confident enough to even try to set off a road of greater. Perhaps that’s why so many try to sabotage the growth of others. 

“I’m Continuing to Discover and Seeking for Greater.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Fight for the Vision and Never Stop the Dream From Shining on

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