The Fest At JLN Has Everything That May Create Your Day Special: Visit For Parties, Yoga And A Few Rocking Looking.

What is the fest at JLN?

Jawaharlal Nehru stadium is going to play host to an interesting shopping festival Shop- E –fest. Here you are going to get multiple brands from categories like décor, clothing, footwear, skincare, and accessories all under one roof. Apart from that this 3-day winter festival will involve some interesting activities like yummy food, live music, and beer yoga and headphone parties.



Who is going to come?

Are you really fond of shopping and can go to any extent to grab your favorite brands on sale? Or are you amongst those who can smell tasty food from a mile apart and get attracted to it? This festival is for those who love shopping, food and live music and consider them an integral part of their lives.

Also for those who keep experimenting with their look, we have something special for you too. Workshops, demo sessions, and even a special fashion show will provide you deep insights on how to perk up your style quotient.

Why Should I go for the event?

Want a chance to meet with your favorite brands without having to go the extra distance to do so. For shopping freaks that only understand the ecstasy of getting the perfect fit dress or shoes, this is the place to be. Not only that according to the information that we have there would be selective cosmetic and makeup brands that can help you pick some best makeup products for yourself.


Once you have shopped to your heart’s content relish some delectable food in the multi-cuisine food court where you can get anything from Thai and Indian cuisine and fast food to chilled beer and fine wine.


Probably you are yet not convinced. Here is the best part of the event. EDM is going to have some worthy musical performances and you might just end up enjoying some Punjabi hits as a famous Punjabi singer is also gracing the event. Do not tell us now that it does not appear attractive to you still.

Is there anything else for me?

In the end, browse all the 60 plus stalls and even maybe enjoy some hilarious stand up comedy. This should entice you enough to pay a visit to the event.


Are you willing To Participate In this Shop-e-Fest Event?


Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

January 19 – 21 | 11:30AM

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