The Farmer Takes a Wife by Genevieve Turner: A Book Review

The Farmer Takes a Wife Book Cover The Farmer Takes a Wife
Las Morena Book 0.5
Genevieve Turner
Historical Romance
Penny Bright Publishing
May 1, 2015

Marcus Gries has loved Miss Laura Kemper for two years. The poor man has never actually spoken to her, but he knows what he wants and it’s Laura. One night at a barn dance he resolves to ask her for a dance. A dance, a walk, and soon enough, he’ll might even have the nerve to ask her to be his wife.

Laura Kemper has no intention of marrying—her mind is too much occupied with her father’s decline and her family’s woes. So when the handsome farmer she’s never noticed much before asks her to dance, she accepts, thinking it will go no further.

But when the dance turns into a blossoming affection, Laura finds herself the recipient of an unexpected proposal. She must decide which is more dear: her duty to her family or her feelings for Marcus?

The Farmer Takes a Wife spent some time languishing on my to-read pile, the only thing I love better than rural romance is rural romance that is obviously going to have a farming storyline, before I was finally able to find the time needed to read it. And boy am I glad I did. What a delightful book.

The plot is pretty simple. Marcus Gries has spent the past two years loving Laura Kemper from afar, though she doesn’t seem to be aware of his existence. Finally the conditions are just right for him to ask her for a dance. The first dance isn’t all it dreams it should be, in fact, it’s pretty awkward, but by the time it ends, she has agreed to go on a walk with him the next day. It doesn’t take long for her to realize she shares his feelings, but just as soon as she does, she also runs head first into family complications and promises she made without first considering the future.

Both of the main characters are quite enjoyable, which is a pleasant contrast to some of the secondary characters who are difficult people to like. I truly enjoyed the fact that all of the challenges the couple face are quite organic and realistic, exactly the kind of thing that many real life couples struggle to deal with as they navigate their way through a relationship.
I do wish that more about Marcus Gries’s farm would have been explored. Farming, even crop farming, is so different now from a hundred years ago. I also would have enjoyed learning more of Kemper family’s background, which sounded like it was quite rich and colorful.

One thing that did surprise me was how sensual the couple was. Based on the cover and the innocent way the story started out, I fully expected this to be a kisses only story and was startled by the amount of heat the kisses generate. I’m not complaining, the make-out sessions were quite enjoyable, I just didn’t expect them.
The Farmer Takes a Wife is quite novella and focuses primarily on an A plot line, though Ms. Turner did an excellent job weaving in some material that I suspect will be explored further in the other stories in the series. I read the story in about two hours, but since I read quickly, I’m sure it would provide other readers with an entire afternoon of reading.

The Farmer Takes a Wife is the first in Genevieve Turner’s Las Morena’s series.

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