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We have studied and understood eBook business and have also seen 7 niche which will always work. Now, I hope that you have already discovered your niche. It is time to get the content right and start work on eBook business model.

Format problem – PDF v/s EPUB

EBooks are generally available as either PDF or EPUB. The choice is yours. Please note that different modes are used for different segments. While selecting your eBook business niche, ask yourself 2 questions.

Q1: Who exactly is my audience ?

Q2: What device is my audience using ?

If your audience is aged person, chances are that they might prefer to use Computers. In that case, go for PDF. EPUBs don’t work well with computers.

If your audience is children under age group of 14 – 18 or lesser, go with EPUB. This format integrates with all the smartphones easily.

If you are not sure about the exact device your audience wants, please use both formats and mention separately. In that case, ensure that both the formats are priced equally.

Channel problem – blog v/s 3rd Party

There are 2 ways to host your eBooks. First one is using a blog while the second one is using 3rd Party service providers like Lulu / Amazon etc. Both have advantages and disadvantages associated with them.

If you want to keep all money to yourself and wish to utilize the channel the way you like to the fullest, setup a blog and start marketing your eBook yourself. But, the challenge is that your blog needs to have ample traffic for that ebook to be sold.

In case, you want your eBook to be kept on a service provider who shall host your eBook, market it and share the sale details with you and you don’t mind giving away a part of your revenue to that service provider, go for 3rd Party ebook hosting. The websites like Lulu / Amazon will do the needful. You just need to write the eBook, host it on their servers and tell your friends about it. Rest everything is taken care of automatically.


EBook business is very vast. It starts from idea generation and goes on till making final sales. There is certain homework we need to do before making the first sale. This homework includes finalizing the niche (covered in previous articles) and selection of mode (covered above). After this, comes the toughest yet the most important part – Writing the eBook. This shall be covered in upcoming articles.

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