The Difficulties for Some Entertainers to Keep up With the Times

The 80’s and 90’s seemed to be the right time for entertainers and artists. The music just flowed and one would have to really pay attention to the lyrics in order to get an understanding of where the artist was coming from. The 90’s was filled some very “good music.” The rap music was totally different from the raps in today’s era. Not sure what a lot of rappers are thinking when they’re producing some of the music today but I’m going to admit that some of the music just doesn’t make any sense. Of course they’ll make some money off of the record but what about the future?

Have anyone really sat and listened to some of the music today? No offense but some of the lyrics are so far out there. When second verse hits. There is more listening. Take notes from the old school artists and rappers please. The teenagers love to listen to some of the don’t know. Really? The producers can not be thinking long term. The age doesn’t matter but anyone can listen and figure that some of the music is just hmm. Just that’s all. 

Can’t understand some of the lyrics. Go back listen again and still nope. Couldn’t figure out what the rapper was saying. Please old school. What about when the rappers get older. What are the rappers going to rap about? Music can be so soothing not all music but a lot of music. There’s “a lot of very talented artists” in the music business. Some unfortunately just couldn’t keep up with the times. There’s a lot of youth and some are unwilling to listen to the old school style. 

There’s some who behave as if they’ve been here before so they’ll listen. Some artists haven’t performed in quite some time. There’s a time when the comebacks will arrive. If artists are unable to keep up then the record labels will boot the artists. It’s” a business” and they’re in the business to make money not suffer loses. So artists will need to figure out how to connect with today’s audience. That’s why it’s helpful to work with the younger generation so they’ll able to produce up to date music. 

There’s still hope. If artists haven’t make a record since the late 90’s then perhaps the artists should consider going back in the studio. Some decided to retire early. It’s a tough business and some claimed they’re unwilling to sell their soul. It’s better to know about the business before entering. Some figure out just what it takes to stay relevant. 

Author’s Notes: The article above is based on observations and experience. Worked with a Music Producer in the past who had a small record company. Had an opportunity to sign a record deal but passed due to the harshness of the business. “We’ll Recognize What Opportunities are Worth Taking.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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