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Are you a home business entrepreneur?

Recently accepted the invitation to join a network: The Bing Bing

Not sure what the other members are at this network for – professional hookups, making business contacts, expanding their customer or fan base, just socializing or whatever – but any time somebody offers me a free platform with a potential to use it for business and possibly earn some additional revenue, it’s worth a looksee!

Been there off and on for over 3 months. Openly confess that my activity has not been 24/7 or even 4/7. Sign in is limited to maybe once a week, during a not too busy week, because my other work at home projects have been consuming a lot of my time. However, the good thing about is that it’s simple to use and does not hog up your time.

At any rate, 90 days or 3 months is sufficient to decide if it’s worthwhile and publish an evaluation or review.  So here are my observations based on my experience so far.

►  Handy Feature Number 1: Easy link shares.

You can share a link OR write an original post. Never wrote a post. It’s way too easy to share links to blog posts and articles that I’ve already written. For some reason, not all link shares work. IDK! ( “IDK” means “I don’t know.” (O.o) ) No matter. The links that can be analyzed via the BB automated upload and share process are posted.  Sometimes a little editing may be required for the text or images that come through the interface, but nothing major.

The display of Bing Bing is very similar to Pinterest, only you don’t have pinboards. The GooglePlus Collections are closer to the Pinterest pinboards format or display. Nevertheless, the Bing Bing webpage (see screenshot below) is pleasant and easy on the eye for viewers and visitors.


►  Handy Feature Number 2: BUY Button.

Have both Facebook and Pinterest accounts – been active for a few years. These social media accounts are used for my home business endeavors. Been trying to keep a finger on the pulse of the #buzz about BUY buttons.  They say Pinterest and Facebook are creating a BUY button which will definitely be to the delight of businesses and entrepreneurs.


►  Here is the latest news on these efforts:

  • Donovan, Laura. “Facebook Getting Ready to Take on Amazon with the Buy Button.” Business 2 Community. N.p., 19 July 2015. Web. ( )
  • Goleman, Timothy. “SBSS – Buy Button Is Here For Pinterest – What You Need to Know!” Marketing Elements. N.p., 17 July 2015. Web. ( ).

Guess what?

Bing Bing already has the BUY button! It is fabulous!!

If you are an Amazon Associate, affiliate advertiser for Zazzle, AllPosters, etc. You’ll love it!!

In my humble opinion The Bing Bing platform gets two thumbs up because of its two very handy features.

bing screen




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