The Best way to be Happy is to Love Self

No one can make another happy if we’re not happy within. No amount of criticism should stop anyone from being loved. The love of God and Jesus is the real. As long as we connect with some goodness. The things that add no value won’t matter. Self love is very important and if it’s missing then we’ll sink into misery. The best way to stay happy is to remove toxins. Remove toxic people and anything that creates unhappiness. 

Some fear being alone and without but when we’re in depth with self. No one should feel low about who God the individual and in visuals to be. That’s why we should stay uplifted by first encouraging self and then being surrounded by people who appreciate what we have to offer. When we’re happy within. Noise makers won’t break the joy. In fact when others are refusing to show love and compassion. That’s a sign that they’re not happy within. 

Smiling is a great way to be encouraged. Even when storms roll in. There’s ways to find joy. We live in a cruel world and if we’re missing the very thing that can help build us up then we’ll have lots of difficulty getting through troubling times. Sometimes we’ll be in positions where we’re tested but no amount of tests should stop or remove gladness. Always care about self and care about others. Some may become upset about who we care about but care anyway. Care more. Never allow discouragement. No matter what the circumstances are. No one should have the ability to remove happiness. Although many will try. 

A great way to stay uplifted is to pray. Prayer can create strong spiritual connections and also generate “rejuvenation.” Finding the things that we love to do will help with being inspired. Life can be unpredictable and there should never be a removal of love. No matter how tough the world becomes. No matter what’s done or said. Happiness and love are great combinations. We have to love ourselves because we’ll against the harsh critics who will analyze every mistake. Love the person who looks in the mirror and looks back. 

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