The Best Rev’It Jacket Designs You Should Try

Love riding motorcycles? Then you would definitely know about Rev’It, the leading motorcycle jackets and gear brand that produces some of the most stylish and functional jackets for those who are always ‘on the go.’ Their functional jackets are intelligently designed and features several benefits over regular jackets. Let’s check out some of the best designs from Rev’It that you should be trying!

Rev’It Akira Air Vintage Jacket

Available in dark brown color, this summer jacket is all about style, sophistication and substance. It is a bang for your buck and combines fully perforated leather design with the custom tailored technology using cowhide leather. This jacket has an outer shell and insulation features, with dual comp protectors at the shoulders and the elbows. You can combine it with a back protector and try using it whenever you want to ride.

Rev’It Red Hook Leather Jacket

It is a classic leather jacket that’s designed for motorcycle riders. Protection and durability are the keys behind the design of this jacket. This Rev’It Jacket is adjustable at the collar and the waist. It also comes with city fit and has an air inlet for proper ventilation. Features include short connection zipper, v-flap at the cuffs and document, slit with inner pockets. The jacket has 100 percent polyester insulation over a leather body.

Rev’It Manzoni Jacket

Fall in love with this mesh motorcycle jacket that has a broad-shouldered design. Its fit is trim and proper and instead of being an overcoat, it provides the urban, summer jacket feel. With real protection for riding around the city, this jacket ensures that you are protected wherever you go. The outer shell of this jacket is made using polyester and the mesh lining makes it comfortable. It prevents scratches on your tank and the attention to detail is quite evident on this piece.

Rev’It Tornado Jacket

This textile, mesh jacket is a must have summer motorcycle gear. You would always be on the winning team with this one. The updated jacket has modern design with material quality upgrade and safety improvements which makes it one of the most popular motorcycle jackets around the world. It comes with detachable thermal liner and memorable and provides solid protection to your shoulders and the elbows. At the same time, it has polyamide and polyester construction that makes it a durable addition to your motorcycle gear.Rev’It Elysee Jacket

If you think that less is more, then this is the one for you! The jacket’s detail is discreetly designed, but it is highly functional. The front flap has spring snaps and a reflection panel is also available. This one has a detachable thermal liner to ensure protection from cold and heat whenever needed. This city fit jacket has knitted cuffs and collar at the thermal liner with a wind catcher at the waist.

So, which one of these is your favorite?

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