The Benefits of Upgrading Office Printers and Copiers

Many business owners are hesitant to upgrade their existing printers and copiers because they believe that upgrading translates to additional cost. It would be cost indeed but if you look back to your old units and see how they perform, you might realize that they are actually hiding a lot of unwanted costs.


When you defer the upgrading of your old printers and copiers, your business could be missing opportunities to become more efficient. You also allow your old units to continue wasting energy and consumables. Inefficient performance of old units can also deprive your staff of opportunity to produce more due to limitations in technology.


Let’s look at the potential benefits you will get for upgrading your old copiers:


1. Advanced Features


Technology is an evolving thing and it is moving forward on a daily basis. Every time a new model is introduced into the market, a new solution to existing problems is also given. It certainly holds specific functionalities that older models do not have.


2. Cost Reduction


Old models are subject to wear and tear due to years of use. This makes your printers tend to break down easily and more frequently. This is an easy way for your money to go down the drain via cost of repairs and reduced productivity due to down time.


3. Increased Efficiency


It’s almost always certain that new models are intended to deliver speed and efficiency. Being new and fresh from the factory, you can expect these gadgets to be of service for a number of years without breakdown.


4. Improved Security


With the possibility of hacking and other online threats, security has taken center stage in the data processing and storage systems today. These features are hardly available in older-model copiers and printers. By upgrading your printer or copier units, you will be able to protect the security of your information from data theft and cyber attacks.


5. Mobile Printing


One of the biggest developments in the printing technology involves the possibility for mobile printing. This is one of the main reasons why every business that wants to take advantage of this technology should upgrade. This does not only foster productivity, it is also able to give you added control of your printing devices.


Upgrading is part of print fleet solutions that can put an end to printing and copying issues your business could be facing today. You should consider conducting an audit of your printing facilities to be able to identify areas that need improvement.


You should also identify units that are at least 10 years old and consider replacing them with new ones. Remember, in business, upgrading is not just about keeping up with the what is the latest, it is really about improving productivity, increasing security and boosting efficiency. With all these combined, you will be able to save on costs, reduce your wastes and experience a boost in your earnings.

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